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Human COVENANT war

OP masterchief6573

I want to know what halo fans think, could the Covenant ever have finished off humanity my opinion is they could if they were smarter focused their efforts and of course if the prophets didn’t screw everything up but I want to know what you guys think and leave a comment describing why, thanks.
The question isn't exactly clear. The question should've been could the Covenant have finished humanity off if it weren't for X (Chief, Arbiter, Prophets, etc.), because then it would be a yes or no answer and then the conversation would be whether or not it was that singular thing that finished them or a culmination. Because that's exactly what it was; a culmination, and actually all of the above. There were several missteps, not one, and no single misstep sealed their coffin anymore than the other. You could've also conversely asked which misstep was their greatest, which would've sparked a discussion and would've been a more effective question.
None of these answers really fall into the category I'm thinking of. The way I see it, the Covenant could never completely wipe out humanity no matter what. It took them 30 years and there were still billions of humans left (or at least hundreds of millions). Granted they killed a TON of people, but in 30 years, humanity was still chugging along and making babies. 30 years is enough time to have children who then have their own children. If you really put some effort into it, you can create two generations in that time span. With the Covenant needing to take out 800 colonies and outposts, humanity would likely be growing faster than the Covenant could kill them. And as the Covenant started narrowing down the number of colonies, it would take a longer time to find the next one. In that time frame, humanity could have moved on and colonized another planet that the Covenant would then have to destroy once they find it. It would be a never ending genocide.
I value your opinions thank you for sharing but Happy Place8166 I disagree the reason it took the Covenant so long to try and eliminate humanity wasn’t solely because of their numbers while that contributed yes it was mainly because the UNSC put up a fight at each colony and with hundred possible thousands of colony’s that would take a while and as you said they had to locate the colonies first so with how many humans died in 30 years it was impressive and humanity would have eventually been destroyed they couldn’t have possible keep repopulating fast enough to delay the Covenant indefinitely each battle the UNSC lost thousands upon hundred of thousands of lives and they were constantly battling eventually as I said they would have been extinct but I appreciate your opinion and who knows you could be right.
The Chief was a huge advantage that humanity had but if the Prophets did not boot the elites then I believe the Covenant would have won. When the Prophets booted them it caused a civil war that led to the elites teaming up with the humans which gave them the advantage to beat the Covenant. Now if the elites were still with the Covenant then they would have the larger advantage which will allow them to defeat the humans. The UNSC would still have the Infinity and Chief I believe but they would have lost the war and would have to garner more strength to fight another day.
Yes if they were smarter. If you read the book First Strike Cortana mentions that the Covenant are not innovative. She learned how to use plasma turrets to guide plasma in beams. She changed the way Covenant weapons worked in space and improved it. Cortana improved their weapons in a way that if the Covenant had been smart enough to figure it out first, they would win battles in space easier and faster and humanity wouldn't have time to defend the colonies. Eventually the Covenant would reach Earth and there would be nothing to stop them.... except a bunch of MACs.
Very true.