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Is Halo similar to the Star Wars Saga

OP Kaveus

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-IV, V, VI (CE, 2, 3)
All around great. Some of the best in their genre. Instant classics.

-I, II, III (Reach, 4, 5)
Not so great. Made a lot of fans rightfully really angry.

-VII (Halo 6?)
Not as great as the originals but still pretty solid. Recaptured what made the series such a hit in the first place.

Help us Halo 6. You're our only hope.
It's more like the Mass Effect Saga
Halo is its own thing...Yes it has similarities to the Star Wars franchise....But I actually think that Halo 6 will be a pretty good game because of the mountain of feedback 343 has...
Not at all...
Sorry, I can't compare Halo 4's story to Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.
you aren't comparing any actual elements of the series. you're just stating how successful they are, and by the logic you are using to argue their similarities you'd always be tying in nearly every long term movie or game series in existence.
Yes they are very similar, in that they both have extremely toxic fans and groups of people that see through the medium of nostalgia goggles.
It is kinda but the empire was implanted in the Jedi and senate since the old republic. Covies just wanted to take over the universe.
What makes people believe that 343 is going to actually make things right?
Dear God, I hope so.
they are not similar in many ways. i would say that comparing them at all, halo would be closer to the clone wars then anything else in the star wars timeline.
343's games have only gone down hill. It will take a lot to convince the fans otherwises
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