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Jun's return in Infinite

OP RedPandaRiot

Would you want to see Jun return in Halo: Infinite

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As we all know, Jun was the only surviving member of Noble team (probably because he is always in a helicopter or on a cliff). Would you like to see his return in Infinite?
Would be cool to have him in the background somewhere. Maybe not as a central focus since this is supposed to be a more simplified story that introduces new players to the franchise, but as a small nod to lore fans it could be great.
Yes that'd be awesome, I've been wearing his armour in H5 ever since I got it.
It would be nice to see him return, but I could see problems arising from having too many characters. Having too many characters weighs down the narrative, and prevents newer ones from being able to grow. I would be happy to see Jun in Infinite, but only if they keep the cast relatively small so that newer characters (like the Pilot) can be fleshed out.
At most have him be like a side mission thing, kind of like how Buck was in that pelican in New Alexandria in Reach, to where you can have it but can also ignore it. At least have Jun's voice be heard from a comlink or something in the background.
It'll be awesome if he has an appearance
That would be cool but what would he really do?
I think it would be nice to see the only surviving member of Noble Squad. Having that link back to Reach and the importance Noble Team played in the war would be an awesome thing.
Mine would be a maybe, cause I’m not so sure I haven’t really thought about it, but if they give him a appearance it would be great
I would enjoy Kameo's from any part of the universe. Even if it were just small Easter eggs.
Thanks! :o)
If they bring him back, I would see them just killing him off. I really hope he remains in the comics.
Honestly don't mind him being in wider lore only.
I think his appearance in Infinite would be wrong. The characters would feel imbalanced with Jun and the Chief in the same game. I'd say save him for another spin-off like Reach.
I don't really care much, but I would say I want him to come back.