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Master Chief vs Noble Six

OP PackAttack2018

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I'm sure Six would've won if he was alive because he was mainly doing lone wolf missions with out a team before reach.
Chief all the way
Next time on Death Battle! But I think Chief would win but it'd be a cool fight to see.
I feel like a lot of Noble 6's back story is left a mystery. He was basically a star fighter pilot right? But that's about all we know. Master chief wins because he's been well documented as a bad -Yoink- from the days of playing king of the hill with his school mates.
I can't remember where it was but Halsey says Noble Six is probably almost just as skilled as Master Chief but I don't believe she's said just as skilled or more skilled
I've always thought of six as a younger brother of the master chief but if they both have the reach weapons than i would say six becauce he is (or it seems like he is) more experience with those weapons.
Master Chief, no doubt.
This is a heartbreaker to choose. But Chief. He's truly the best.
Id go with Chief for he is a SPARTAN II, a survivor and a legend among both common folk and legends.
MC, I didn't noble six was that impressive. MC seems like he would overpower or out-shoot noble six any day.
Noble six held off a conenant army for hours, but cheif occasionally has trouble with individual elites. So six is wayyy better. Plus, when Noble six was fighting the conevant, the usnc knew very little about the conevant and their fighting styles so six was fighting enemies that he had almost no training against and he still kicked -Yoink-.
Halo reach was by far my favourite halo
Chief all the way.
Chief all the way.
First off, Noble Six isn't really much of a character in my opinion, he's basically the bland, customizable avatar that links you into the amazing story of Halo Reach. You don't really learn anything about him, or his personality other than he had a lone wolf attitude, which makes it even weirder that people what to find out if he survived or not (he didn't, end of story), and almost baffles me as much as the stupid theory that the Arbiter was on Reach. To me, this poll is basically who wins: you or the Master Chief since Noble Six is only as good as you are. So Chief wins, because let's be honest, I am not the best Halo player of all time, I'm decent at best.
Noble Six because screw you all.

Just kidding, but I seriously do think Noble Six would stand a great chance against Chief. Chief's great, but mainly because his unflinching nerve to press forward courageously with whatever he thinks is right, never hesitating (which makes him a hero but not necessarily the best fighter among Spartans), and because of cool cinematic where he flies like superman through space, or into the Dreadnaught, or onto Earth from space. Okay, he didn't fly that last time; he fell with style.
But since I haven't read the books, I don't really know what John is canonically capable of. I know he's a great Spartan, but even Cortana who knows him best admitted that most of his achievements were a matter of luck and that he was essentially equal to most other Spartans. She says this at the beginning of Halo 3.

*Spoilers below*
People keep saying on this thread that Chief never loses. That isn't true. Inside the games, we're shown his most glorious and romanticized moments because Bungie wanted us to feel awesome as players. But outside of the games, he does fail. More than once. A huge and kind of hilarious example is what happened in the Marvel comic between Halo 2 and Halo 3. H2 ended with Chief chasing down the prophet of Truth, to assassinate him, saying that he was "Finishing this fight." (cue epic hero anthem).
But then.....he didn't. He couldn't make it to Truth. A Brute bested him in combat, so he had to hide and escape the ship, ultimately falling and crash-landing on Earth, where we picked up in Halo 3.

Even in the games, most of his giant achievements people point to were....actually not him. He is credited as saving the galaxy, and look, he played a pivotal role. But he was going to blindly listen to Guilty Spark and ACTIVATE Halo in the first game.

- Who stopped him...? Cortana.
- Who discovered and explained what Halo actually does to Chief? Cortana.
- Who came up with a plan to stall Guilty Spark and delay Halo's activation? Cortana.
- Who came up with the plan to destroy Halo and actually saved part of the galaxy the first time? Cortana.
- Who secured Delta Halo in case of a Flood takeover? Cortana.
- Who explained to Chief that cave was not a natural formation, that someone built it, and that it must lead somewhere? Cortana. Joking, but true.

We're not done.

- Who got Chief to Delta Halo? Miranda Keyes.
- Who got Chief to High Charity (where he failed to stop the prophets)? The Gravemind.
- Who killed Tartarus? Arbiter Thel Vadamee and Sgt. Johnson.
- Who stopped the firing of Delta Halo and thus actually saved part of the galaxy the second time? Miranda Keyes.
- Who fell victim to Guilty Spark's trickery twice? Okay, Master Chief.
- Who bought Master Chief just enough time to deactivate all the Halos from the Ark, saving the entire galaxy? The Gravemind.
- Who tracked lost Master Chief to Requiem? The Infinity.
- Who saved a helpless Master Chief & enabled him to defeat the Didact?Cortana.
- Who saved Master Chief again (somehow...I still don't understand this part) from the nuke he detonated in his hand after taking his sweet time while New Phoenix was destroyed?Cortana.
- Who saved him from space? The Infinity.
- Who saved him from Cortana's cryptum? Everyone's favorite Spartan Locke.

If anything, it's really more Cortana, and even more so Dr. Halsey, who are the heroines of the Halo series.

By the way,
- who safely delivered Cortana to the Pillar of Autumn just before it fled to Halo Installation 04?Noble Six.

(mic drop)
(picks mic back up) Also, in Halo: Reach we saw Noble Six hold his own against incredible odds in several cutscenes, and he was only a Spartan III, while Chief is a more enhanced Spartan II. We never really see Chief fight Covenant in the games, except from the player's perspective, so we can go by a noob barely making it as much as we can go by a skilled player's playthrough.

I'm done, lol.
We don't know the whole story of Noble 6 unfortunately but the Chief has incredible luck. It would be awesome and heartbreaking to see this match-up nobody wins.
I'd say Master Chief because he has more experience.
This isn't even a question. If Chief were left behind on reach to fend for himself, he would have cleared the whole planet. Somehow stopping the glassing of it.
Gotta say Chief, strictly from his war experience and sheer determination.
Fighting That many flood and Never getting infected? Locke and his crew have yet to see even a single little leech from the Flood's hive.
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