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Most annoying Halo 5 players

OP Lone Truth

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Teammates that suck of course.
Worst thing to have are bad team mates....
YouthNAsia wrote:
You forgot to add the Spartan Charger
noooooooooooooooooooo not them
Flipmxde wrote:

halo 5 sucks because it takes two frags to kill myself it's too much work
Halo has always been that way. Try using a plasma grenade instead
Where's the 'all of them' option?
Quitters, anything else is servicable.
Definitely incompetent teammates. I get infuriated when players don't know what they are doing.
My incompetence has no limits.
I'm torn between speedboost guy and stupid teammates
Definitely incompetent teammates. I get infuriated when players don't know what they are doing.
Me too 😑 xD
Yeah..I never like the people who will literally follow you to the end of the earth to just kill you
The scrubs they call teammates.
Chargers... if getting shot knocks me out of my zoom, then shooting someone charging should knock them out of it too instead of running through your bullets.

Teammates that run and stop in front of you. In swat there's no betrayals, so it really messes you up when you're shooting someone on the other team and your teammate runs in front of you blocking your bullet. Or you try to go somewhere and they get in your way and you're killed as a result cause your teammate was blocking your path.

Assassination thieves. That -Yoink- on your team that watches you perform the assassination then steals it by melee attack. Sure the team still gets the point, but I'm also working on my assassination commendation. Worst of all, because it's swat I can't betray that -Yoink- because at that point I don't care about killing the other team I just want to kill that guy.

Aside from quitters... thanks for the recent 2 on 4 swat match... if half your team quits you shouldn't be banned for quitting too... idlers or just plan -Yoink- players who should quit but don't. 7 kills and 23 deaths and 1 suicide... just quit, stop -Yoinking!- it up for the rest of us.
Last night I was playing a marathon of BTB and got into a slayer match at Boulevard. At the end of the match I had 18 kills and 6 deaths, meanwhile most of my teammates went negative. One of them got 8 kills and 21 deaths, and another one got only 1 kill and died 12 times. I hate to be that guy who hates on his teammates, and I'd much rather assume they were just having a bad day, but it's kind of hard not to get mad considering it was the 4th match of a vicious losing streak.
I'll endlessly kill you guy. Hate em
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