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most difficult Halo game

OP ElemenlGame

Hay I was wondering what you think the most difficult halo game is I personally think Halo 4.
Difficulty in the form of single player? Co-op? Multiplayer?
These games are wildly different.

In my opinion, Halo Wars is brutally difficult on solo Legendary, but easier with a partner.
Halo 2 Legendary obviously takes the cake on legendary difficulty, especially with Iron auto-on with Co-op.
I think multiplayer difficulty would be between Halo CE and Halo 3. Halo: CE's pistol is hard to get down without years of experience. Halo 3's precision projectiles are unlike any other game.
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Halo 2 due to the development problems which leads to the weapon balance being unfair. You must have a BR and a plasma pistol. With the additions to the sandbox like dual wielding, it is out shadowed by the BR.
I mean Halo 2 is kind of the obvious answer since it's the most blatantly unfair of the games, but in terms of hardest difficulty that is also fair I would give that to CE. There are some parts of the game that are really challenging (pretty much any part where you're out in the open). When you have cover available to you it's not that hard.

Halo 3 for some reason has always been the hardest multiplayer for me. I have just never gotten the hang of it after all these years, whereas the other games I can sometimes at least have a chance at holding my own against skilled players.
Completing Halo wars with its secondary missions, gold medals and legendary is very very difficult
Focusing on Campaign play... Halo 2 would be my clear choice. The balancing issues being the biggest issue. It felt like playing CE but with only one bar of health the entire time.
From my experience doing all of the FPS Halo games Solo legendary all the way through here is my personal ranking
Solo ranked from hardest to easiest
- Halo CE (Some parts are a slug fest and others hitting like a blunt wall especially Two Betrayals)
- Halo 2 ( I decently enjoyed Halo 2's legendary difficulty since it seemed fair if you knew how to trick around the system and how nice it was to get pass a certain point probably making it my favorite legendary, I feel like it's over hyped as the hardest especially how over hyped the sniper jackals are, I was expecting to be 360d but was able to get through it with patience although some levels are actually difficult such as gravemind (RNG prison section) and regret the latter because of the swarm of honor guards)
- Halo 4 ( Bullet sponge Prometheans but other than that I don't remember struggling with a certain part)
- Halo 3 (Nothing really memorable about the difficulty)
- Halo reach ( Nothing really memorable about the difficulty)
- Halo ODST (Nothing really memorable about the difficulty)
-Halo 2 ( You basically either work as a hive mind together or know each other really well and are decently skilled because if one of you dies then forced last checkpoint)
- Halo CE ( All that needs to be done is throw bodies but the respawn system can get tedious)
- Halo R/3/4/ODST ( Same as CE and the respawn system is improved including a 4 player team)
Halo 2, I love the game but if you ever lose your shield you basically are dead. I also think there are a lot of segments where you just are stuck in an area where you have to very slowly shoot your way out of.
As far as campaigns, definitely Halo 2. I recently played thru all of MCC and H5 again and the only game that made me truly frustrated at times was H2.
I didn't get around to finishing HW2 on legendary so I would have 2 conclude it's a more difficult game legendary no skulls on. Different genre but still Halo an connected with HI. HW2 an H2 were enjoyable to play through.
for me its halo wars, cant play that to save my life
Halo 2 Legendary is one of the most difficult modes for a Halo game, I don't even want to think about how hard a Halo 2 Laso run would be (please tell me).
I voted for Halo 2 as the game is relatively difficult on Legendary and some sections requires that the player is properly prepared and it's a game where mistakes can be devastating. However, please note that I didn't take the none FPS Halos into consideration when voting in this pool due to insufficient amount of experience with Halo Wars and absolutely no experience with Halo Wars 2.
PdxEmo03 wrote:
Halo 2 Legendary is one of the most difficult modes for a Halo game, I don't even want to think about how hard a Halo 2 Laso run would be (please tell me).
I lost my sanity. Me and my friend did it on his console split screen I think we broke 2 controllers and some other stuff.
Two words: Sniper Jackals.
If we're talking about campaign, Halo 2, no contest.
Multiplayer wise I'd say Halo 2, campaign wise I'd say Halo 2 as well.