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Most Quotable Game

OP baconsam5283

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Which Halo contains the most iconic lines, and as a bonus, which quote do you use the most?

Easily Halo 2 is the most quotable (followed by ODST). I most often recite, to the best of my ability, Arbiter’s trial.

“When you first saw Halo, were you blinded by its majesty?”
Halo 3 100%
I think it's probably between Halo 2 and Halo 3 IMO but Halo 2 has the edge.

2 has great Chief lines - "I need a weapon", "Sir, finishing this fight", and "Giving the Covenant back their bomb" come immediately to mind.

It also has good Gravemind lines, like "I am a monument to all your sins."

And we have the introduction of the Arbiter.

Halo 3 also has the most cringe, like Miranda's line "to war".
Halo 2 off the top of my head. "I need a weapon.", "Finishing this fight.", and "Oh, I know what the ladies like." are just so memorable.
I am gonna go with 2 as well. There’s so many lines that I remember, like:

”I need a weapon”

”I know what the ladies like”

“That makes two of us”

”Kill me or release me parasite, but do not waste my time with talk”

“I am finishing the fight”

So on.

But I am also gonna cite 1 line from other Halo games too (I do not want to make this too long) that sticked out to me.

HCE: I don’t keep it loaded son, you’ll have to find ammo as you go.

H3: Were it so easy...

H4: She said that to me once, about being a machine...

H5: Negative Infinity, I don’t like it 😑
I personally voted Halo 2 though 3 has plenty as well.

As for the others (apart from those mentioned already):
A few stand out ones:
Carter: "I'm not going to lie to you lieutenant, you're stepping into shoes the rest of the squad would rather leave unfilled"
Noble 6: "I have the gun"
Jorge's whole "Good news and bad news"

Halo 4
There's quite a few between Chief and Cortana though for Halo 4 they're more exchanges I feel rather than single quotes.

From Requiem:
Cortana: "If we're going to hijack a ship from these Covenant, we're going to have to find where they're landing first."
John-117: "I don't suppose you have a plan for that?"
Cortana: "We could always ask nicely..."
John-117: "Asking's not my strong suit."

Cortana<rampant> : Do you have any idea what that condescending b~&*h said to me after our first game of chess?! (I'm a regular chess player but more often than not I'm sure people say that about me)

Edit: Lasky and Chief at the end of Halo 4
MAC rounds?! In atmosphere?!
While some of my favorite quotes come from H3:
  • "Were it so easy."
  • "Then it is an even fight."
H2 has way more quotable moments. Despite the setbacks of H2's development, the dialogue of that game is iconic.
H2 probably deserves it. But I quote H3 more personally because I've personally played it through way more times.
Let me get this straight, you put the one with microtransactions but not Halo Reach?
2 takes the cake. Every sentence that came out of Johnson's mouth in 2 is so memorable.

But Halo 3 has some pretty badass oneliners too.

"Shipmaster, they outnumber us, three to one!"

"Then it is an even fight."
Halo 2;

"What if you miss?" - Cortana

"I won't." - Master Chief >:]
"When I joined the Corps, we didn't have any fancy-shmancy tanks. We had sticks! Two sticks, and a rock for the whole platoon - and we had to share the rock! Buck up, boy, you're one very lucky Marine!" and ¨Oh I know what the ladies like.¨
"I need a weapon."
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Undoubtedly Halo 2, "For a brick, he flew pretty good." being one of my personal favorites.
"Arbiter, I'm sending you a squad of my most experienced warriors to assist you. Do NOT squander their talents."

Halo 2 for sure.

And how could you leave out Reach as an option???
Halo 2 or 3 imo
For sure halo 2, I think it had the best story in gaming history, that’s my opinion tho. I loved the arbiter parts, the collapse of the covenant, the alliance between the elites and the UNSC, and the brutes.
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