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Mythic, which would you want?

OP Warden657

Which Mythic certification do you want? If you want to explain which one and why, go ahead.
I would have added the Halo 2 Battle Rifle, but I don't have enough enough sloughts.
I was torn between the nostalgic ce magnum or my love of sniper rifles
They'll probably do SpKr Prime, Nornfang, and Jorge's if there's time.

Because of how OP the Nornfang is, I think they might put Oathsworth and Nornfang in the same pack. Call it the Blue Team Mythic pack or something. Both cert spots are for the sniper and shotty, then you get 6 or each REQ in addition.

It would make people buy more packs to get more Nornfangs. Yay more money for Microsoft.
CE magnum by god those are so op and fun :3
Nonfang only because I have a ton of everything else, but Jorge's chaingun is a lot of fun too.