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Nameplate Revamp Needed?

OP Beno

Is a nameplate revamp needed? Maybe new UI

Poll Ended

Hey Guys,
Simple question that I could like to get the community’s perspective on. I for one would LOVE to see a complete redesign of the old name plates before season 2. Some are great but 98% don’t represent the task. The legendary campaigns for instance are just different colours and the 3 (Silver) one looks a the Platinum one, so it is hard to differentiate between the two. LASO playlists NEED a RE design, they are the hardest tasks in the whole of gaming and need to represent that.

Feel free to comment any suggestions.
I completely agree, I have been waiting for this change for a long time. All the old nameplates look very boring and similar to each other. With the inclusion of the new nameplates these old ones look horrible. They need an urgent redesign.
Praying someone from 343 sees this and addresses if it is being worked on
Hopefully 343 hear our prayers, the game is improving a lot and they are on the right track, but they still have many things to improve or add.
They could definitely use some changes and improvements. They're good- but they need to be brought back up to par with how they're taking it.
MCC UI is dramatically improved from launch (along with the rest of the game), but I still think it could very much stand to be dramatically overhauled and improved. With the staggering emphasis on customization that has been implemented since Reach was added, I'm a bit astounded at how difficult it remains to see other players' Spartans in lobbies.

It's admittedly a bit challenge trying to consolidate all the elements present in MCC into a unified UI that makes sense and jives across the entire experience, but I do think it could still use some serious overhauls.
Yeah nameplates with their icons and colors make no sense. Why Halo 4 laso is multi skull platine whereas Halo 2 laso is bronze multi ? In particular that Halo 2 Laso is way more difficult than Halo 4 laso...
Yeah some nameplates just make no sense whatsoever. Also some are just plain ugly.