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do u support new maps being added to halo 3 or not

Poll Ended

I absolutely love it!
I don't play Halo 3 so it don't really bother me.
yeah, i support new maps being added
Heck yes. This is the type of stuff I wanna see in MCC. If only H2A could get more maps.
I love the fact H3 gets new maps, makes the experience feel fresher.
I’m always open to new additions
I support it, it's nice to have new stuff.
I'm not personally very into h3 mp but I support it absolutely. I'll at least give it a check once it's out.
100% yes. I think it's awesome they're putting this kind of effort in to 10+ year old games that don't even bring in mtx money.
I hope they add a couple new maps to all the MCC games, freshens it all up
hell yeah, can't wait to see the turf remake pop up later on
Seeing new surprises and uncovered history from any of the previous games is something I am always happy to have.
It's also not as though these are completely new maps anyway as they were part of Halo Online