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Noble 6 or Emile

OP Lust Died

Noble 6 or Emile

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Noble 6.
Lust Died wrote:
Noble 6.
Noble 6 because is one of the Leggendary Spartan who fight to the onor until the end
Emile all day long. No offense to Noble Six, but he technically isn't even a character. He's you as the player. I know that he's an actual character within the extended canon of Halo, but he doesn't really have any existence outside of being a vessel for the player.

Beyond that, Emile is my favorite member of Noble Team. He's bold and brash and doesn't much care what anyone else thinks of him. He is his true self at all times, and I admire that quality, even though it's completely unrealistic to be that way in real life.

Emile also says one of my favorite lines in the entire franchise.. certainly my favorite in Halo Reach: "I'm ready! How 'bout you?" The man stared death in the face and said he wasn't afraid.... and he meant it. Damn I hope I can be so bold one day.
Emile all the way. He is my favorite Spartan in the whole series, and in my opinion the best they created too. I really like how they never revealed his face either (don't care if they did in a comic book or something), it adds to his badass character. I like Noble 6 a lot and felt an attachment to them during the campaign, with the customization and all, but he doesn't quite sit on the same level as Emile.
Unfortunately, there specifications for what should base the selection isn't specified which in turn means that I won't vote. However, I will state that I do prefer Noble 6 over Emile as all of your Noble team friends in Halo Reach deal significantly reduced damaged compared to Noble 6 which in turn makes them less effective in the battlefield. The only benefit Emile has over Noble 6 is that he is invincible until the end of the mission The Pillar of Autumn.
I don't know what it is about Emile that I like so much. Is it because we have the same birthday? Is it the death's head engraved on his visor? Is it because he's a strong and mysterious man of few words like Chief? Either way, I love him. He's one of my favorite Spartans. I love his ideals, his tactics, the way he died. Sure, Noble 6 is a badass too but dang dude. I wish Noble was still alive in it's entirety.
Noble 6, he was given the title of Hyper Lethal Vector.
emile >>>
Noble 6
Emile was a replacement for noble 4 too.
Emile was a very cool character, while six was given very little character development
Emile was a very cool character, while six was given very little character development
Well to be fair, that was kind of intentional. Noble Six was still meant to be an empty shell for the player to insert themselves into. Bungie maintained that with all five of their Halo games. The Rookie said nothing and Noble Six said very little. The Chief was a chatterbox compared to those two, but still didn't say much compared to the rest of the cast.
Noble 6.