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What halo do you prefer

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Do you mean like Bungie era games vs 343 games?
I mean, I like the Old Halo games better (I assume you are talking about Bungies games) because they have better storytelling value and aspects. But I am not saying that I dislike 343's games either, I just think Bungie did their story better.
I am sort of in the middle era. I play Reach, 4, 2a..but I often play 3.
Bungie's Halos are slightly better with the story aspect, but 343 haven't disappointed me with the new books(Except for the Kilo 2-5 trilogy)
Old is best
I love the old campaign and the new gameplay
Ehhh I'd have to say old.
I don't make a distinction. Halo 4's misteps were set up by Reach in many places. You have to see them as a single evolution
Old Halo by a super long way.
I periodically play through them all in order. Each of them has its own charm, strengths and weaknesses, and is a piece of a larger story that includes the novels, comics, and movies. Asking me to choose between old and new is like asking to choose between an entree and dessert... They're good at different things, and they're best when taken together as parts of the complete package.

ps: on the topic of a divided community, I've noticed that it's typically the "old is better" faction that tends to dominate these types of polls, drawing lines in the sand that don't really need to be drawn. In my opinion, the poll needs a third option, "They're all good".
I like 343's but Bungie's are better.
Bungies Halo games are better in my opinion.
I enjoy both for their own reasons, I'd say it's tied for me. I love both equally.
I could just tell you that I prefer the old ones, but the new ones are not bad, so I would be neutral.
I like both of them. I really enjoyed how 343 did to Halo Wars 2 and what they are doing with the MCC
I'll just drop this and go slowly
"the future is today, you heard old man"