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ONI Scorpion vs. Hanibal Mantis

OP Bornstellar04

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Has anyone figured out what the purpose of charging the rockets up is? I feel like it literally does nothing.
Well in Halo 4 it shooting all the rockets at once but in Halo 5 I have no clue.
Yeah at first i thought it did more damage but it doesn't do anything lmao
Mantis is more anti-infantry/air/light armor.
That's true, still makes for an interesting discussion lol
Yeah, but the ONI Scopion would for sure win. Dat armor.

Maybe a regular scorpion vs H. Mantis?
That does sound more fair. Hmmm ONI Scorpion vs Banshee Ultra?

That would be a tough battle.

I feel like ONI tank wins just by sheer number of chances it get to hit the ultra, but I suppose if the ultra was fast and accurate enough, it could win. Uphill battle for the banshee though.
This should have been my post, way more interesting lol I've seen it happen before, but yeah a hard fought battle for the banshee
I used to hate the Mantis until I recently figured out how to use them. Someone said it earlier; you can't go in, guns blazing and not expect to get hijacked. You have to stay mobile and keep your eyes on the radar. The Mantis is great against Wraiths because it's more mobile than the mortar. If you stay back (and have a lock-on variant like the ONI or the Hannibal), you can wreck a Wraith and they won't be able to hit you at all. The Hannibal Mantis is also a beast against infantry because it has a much faster TTK with the gun and the rockets are lock-on to infantry. Like I said, if you stay back and keep moving, you can stay up for a long time in those things.

The ONI Scorpion is a lot of fun, but they're so slow. It's so much easier to jack a Scorpion than a Mantis. In a one-on-one with equally skilled drivers, I think the Scorpion wins. The Mantis' rockets take forever to reload and the gun won't do enough damage to match the cannon from the Scorpion. But they're both great vehicles in their own niche.
Have you guys forgotten that when the Hannibal stomps it puts out an EMP. Well if you get up close to any vehicle. Just add in the fact that it also has a pretty nice weapon system on it.

As you may or may not have been able to tell, I chose the Hannibal Mantis.
Neither. They're too important to me. I was encouraged by a friend to use a hannibal mantis. I killed one wraith who wasn't looking at me, then immediately got hijacked by a dude with invisibility. Still, it's better than the time I used a mantis before I got the cert the first time in PvP. I got one assist, then died.
I think it just delays the launch until you get into position to fire. That's the only thing I use it for- in mantis breakout at least.
Well seeing that a Hanible can EMP over and over it wouldn't be a fair fight. Hanible Mantis it is.
ONI scorpion is beast
Hannibal Mantis. It can't be hijacked from the front, it has an EMP stomp, and if you spam the right trigger instead of just holding it, the main gun fires way faster.
Has anyone figured out what the purpose of charging the rockets up is? I feel like it literally does nothing.
I have a feeling that it increases the accuracy of the rockets or makes the flight path of each rocket closer together, but I'm not sure
TheHal09uy wrote:
Oni scorpion for sure. The mantis in general is really bad, mostly due to the fact it is son easy to hijack that thing.
It got a little harder for you can't hijack it from the front. But I honestly save my mantis for firefight for they are far more effective in PVE combat then pvp
Yes,the only mantis I use in warzone is Hannibal or ONI.
I like the Hannibal mantis in this scenario. My reasons are as follows:
1. H. Mantis is more maneuverable than the scorpion no matter the variant.
2. The H. Mantis gauss cannon fires faster
3. The H. Mantis is faster than the scorpion and can get out of the way of enemies quicker if they're trying to board you.
4. The gauss rockets will lock on to vehicles if you give them a chance to and they're pretty powerful.
That's why I'd pick the H. Mantis over the Oni scorpion.
Hannibal because I'm a sucker for lasers x_x
ONI Scorpion.
Which do your prefer? I prefer the ONI Scorpion, that thing is a beast!
thats a tough one. ive had the pleasure to test both and really like the weaponry on the hannibal mantis. The oni scorpion is a fast firing lone blitzkrieg machine that can go up against mythic bosses on its own, that armor is crazy tough!
Oni Scorpion.
If were talking close range Hannibal Mantis, because of its EMP stomp. Long range Oni will win hands down.
Id take the ONI Mantis cause its rockets can lock on to Spartans or just anything
I just love Mantises. It don't know why. So mantis. Also i like there maneuverability. Driving Scorpions in maps like Urban gives me a headache.
Mantis. If they were engaging at long range, the Mantis would easily dodge the Scorpion's shots while also being able to consistently land shots as well. If they were up close, you could pull out a surprise and stomp the Scorpion because the Hannibal Mantis's stomp ability can EMP vehicles. Keep doing that while consistently shooting and the Scorpion will die in no time.
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