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Plasma Caster vs. Hydra

OP Ender212001

Will the plasma caster or hydra be any good? Which will be better?
They are both gonna be good, I chose hydra over the plasma caster though.
Hydra probably, but we shall see
Haven't had a chance to play around with either too much. The Caster looks fun though.
I'm dying to use these beastly weapons!
When I played at PAX Prime, the Hydra was very good but it definitely has a learning curve.
From what I've seen the Hydra looks more effective
The Hydra looks stronger imo.
I like the feel of the Hydra.
i like hydra
.............hail hydra.................
Both are so good!
Heil Hydra.

Didn´t have that much chance in the beta to try these bad boys out. Excited to tool with them around after launch.