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Promethean Mantis?

OP Riprollonect13

Would you like a Promethean version of the Mantis?

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Hello, Halo community! This is Riprollonect13 again, and I was wondering what you guys would think about a Forerunner counterpart to the UNSC's Mantis. The reason I ask this is because many vehicles in this game have counterparts in other factions (e.g. Scorpion-Wraith and Banshee-Phaeton). The Mantis being my favorite vehicle in Halo thus far, I wondered if 343i could introduce some counterpart to the Mantis.

As I considered this, I liked the idea more and more. My favorite part about this is that it would canonically make sense. After all, all Forerunners wore armor, so why would they not develop some super-armor?

As usual, this is not about what I think, but the Halo community as a whole. Should 343i offer a Promethean version of the Mantis, and why or why not? Have an awesome day guys, and see you in matchmaking!
I'd be down for it. I want more promethan vehicles period.
not exactly mantis for it seems bipedal vehicles arent exactly the forerunner style of vehicles. They seem to favor to build floating lightbulbs and giant hola-hoops over those.
but yeah, i think the forerunner vehicles more likely float like the covenant ghost if not all of the forerunner vehicles are capable of flying. Like the enforcers that seemed to be quite tanky. Though if its not about human forerunner hybrid technology but its still far fetched since they are still testing with less advsnced human covenant technology.
yes equipped with promethean vision, binary cannon and kinetic light turret
I would be cool to see a quadrupedal like mech to cause more verity in the battlefield similar to this.
I think its a cool concept, but all I can imagine is a promethean knight you can pilot. Maybe with River of Light as cannon and some auto light rifle.
Which reminds me, they should make a promethean warthog, splinter turret on top and teleport instead of drift.
I think that's a good idea, yes.
The rockets could fire the river of light.
No I don't like technology mixing.
Yes, as long as it is something the Forerunners actually would have used, and is not a UNSC/Forerunner hybrid.
I'd settle for a promethean tank instead.
Yes. It would be cool if they can fire something that can disable vehicles (i.e. splinter grenades).