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Reach + MCC = Good Game?

OP GA Thawn193

What do you think of my suggestion?
I will make more if you like!
Remember, Stay Tactical Spartans

I've been hoping for Reach to be added to the MCC for a long time, but I've been told several times that it's not just as simple as a drag and drop, so to speak. So ultimately I have no idea what goes into game development, but if it's possible then yes please.
I would rather have it separate, adding it to Mcc would just cause more bugs & add like 10 extra GB to the game
Now that MCC is playable, for sure I want it on there. Reach in 4k/60fps? No brainer.
I wouldn't say no to that..
In my opinion add Reach and drop Halo 4. Sure it wouldn't be the Master Chief collection anymore. Seriously though I wouldn't mind if Reach was added and its still optional if you want the campaign, multiplayer, or neither. Reach alone would triple the amount of time I play the MCC. I probably play Reach more a week than MCC in a month. I mean ODST was added and Halo Reach actually has the Chief!
A free dlc /update with the customization.
I would like to see it. Although, it would be very complicated. Perhaps a stand alone remake would be nice too.
i dont see why not. sure you dont play as master chief but its still a nice story of right before the first halo.
I'm surprised they haven't add reach into MCC yet
Not yet please, I’m still on the old Halo Reach servers. I don’t want to see them emptied into MCC yet
I just need it in 60FPS, I refuse to play games in 30 nowadays.
MCC is already fantastic, but adding Reach would just make it even better!
Honestly, I'm fine with Reach being added to MCC. A nice 60Fps and 1080p would be a great refresh. Plus I would assume they would also add more achievements, which I would love to get all over again!
Reach wasn't perfect but I had so many fond memories playing it with friends and I'd like to relive some of those. I'd be okay either way though, I have fun with MCC as is. Plus, they'd need to make the integration seamless, I don't want it to be added and have it add a whole bunch of new problems and bugs. MCC has been through enough of that.
I'm sure it'd be pretty hard to add it, but it's very doable and if they sell it as DLC 343i could recoup costs.
I would like to see it added, but customization was a big part of Halo: Reach. If it should be added one day I hope that the customization system is also implemented better than Halo 3 and Halo 4 in MCC.
It would be nice, but how MCC handles Spartan customization wouldn’t fit with Reach’s system. They still don’t have all the armors for HALO 4 (ODST armor). I don’t see how they would get all one armor type and include the different helmet variantions.
I think Reach should be on its own but just my thoughts
REACH + MCC would not be a good game
It would be the best game