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Reach on 360 or MCC?

OP TromboneGuy360

Reach on 360 or MCC?

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Anyone else still gunna play Reach on 360 when it comes to MCC?
Xbox 360 is amazing and Halo Reach is epic. So many memories on 360.
I’m just curious how many people prefer Xbox 360 over Xbox One and who will still play 360 Reach.
I have the blue flames and it’s great. So many good memories! :,)
Since Reach hadn’t come out on MCC yet I can’t choose one. However I am really looking forward to it.
My copy got too busted up so the mcc is my only option
I'm currently playing backwards compatible on Xbox 1
Even though I ended up woth 3 different copies of reach for 360, I'm still looking forward to diskless on the xbox1 and the multigame playlists that will inevitably be invented and available!
Definitely MCC, there's no way I'll willingly opt for y70p/30fps over 4k/60fps.
Excited for MCC.
Still have my 360.

Once PC comes out I'll see what the MCC has to offer.
I play the 360 Reach disc on the XB1. At least until it comes to MCC.
Imma be on MCC more often than on 360. Doesn't mean I'll completely leave the 360. I still have a few achievements to complete on there.
I mainly want to see all the new things they will add to reach on mcc that's my only reason, yet
I would love to see how Halo Reach plays on 60fps.
I gave up on reach a long time ago and looking to play it again on MCC so my vote is MCC.
Even though i love the old Halo Reach on the good old 360 i think the MCC version could finally revive the game to it's former glory.
To be honest the 360 game does not have many players anymore and it takes ages to find a matchmaking game.
The MCC will give the game a better graphics and could bring many players of the Xbox One community to play it again or for the first time.
i can't wait to play all modes again especially Infected,Swat or Grifball which are now unplayable due the lack of players.
I think it's a big chance for all of us to finally play Reach again like we all loved and still love it.
It think we should at least give it a try.
The og
Mcc for the winnnnn