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Sangheili-Themed Spin-Off Game?

OP Nurse Maine

Would you play a Sangheili-focused Halo game?

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I personally think that a very good way to appease the hardcore Sangheili fans of Halo, regardless of whether or not playable Elites come to Infinite, is just making a spin-off title for them. It wouldn't be insanely different from the main Halo titles, still have a familiar combat loop, except you would play as a Sangheili (Could be Thel 'Vadam, but depends on the story) and the game's mechanics would be slightly altered around a more Sangheili-accurate set-up. 343 wouldn't need to worry about keeping them balanced with Spartans, so that means maybe they use certain weapons differently, maybe the entire HUD can be redesigned to make it more unique and alien, jump heights and other things could be edited, and this game could even bring the return of dual wielding! Would only make sense for this community's favorite splitjaw aliens. And the way I see it functioning is being unable to use Human weapons, but as a trade-off introducing a whole bunch of new Covenant weapons to expand their armory a bit. It could even be our first time fighting diverse Human enemies in a Halo game ever!

To me there's a lot of possibilities with this idea, but I'd like to leave this verdict up to the Council. If you approve of this idea, go ahead and brainstorm some ideas as to the story that a Sangheili-focused game would use, including the protagonist and what year our game would take place in! Some game mechanic changes would also be neat to see. Meanwhile, if you disapprove or aren't sure, explain why and maybe even provide some other suggestions or ideas for spin-off titles that you would like to see instead of this.
Ofc yes
Given how I adore the Sangheili and how 343i took out them being playable in their games, save for Halo Wars 2, yes, I would love a Sangheili focused game, though I would NOT want it to be a mobile and or turn-based game.
I would give it a shot
Fantastic concept and would love to see it, but would love to see it break boundaries and take on a different set of mechanics
First, yes!!! A new perspective on the Halo Series would be amazing.

A couple of ideas:

Make the events of Halo: CE from the Arbiter/His Elite’s perspective. Have a few levels of absolute horror when they accidentally release the flood, and give the Spec Op elites some never before seen weaponry (as the human presence was minimal, and the humans probably hadn’t seen everything).

Let you play as part of a squad of Sangheili Rangers during the invasion of Earth. Start off fighting the humans and by the end of the game, be forced to fight the Brutes. Give them some ability to give simple orders to the other races and then rip the mechanic away when they are betrayed.

But seriously I would buy any game with the Sangheili as the main characters.
A prequel off-shoot like ODST, but focusing on the elites would be pretty sick.
I think this one is clear, so long as it is well written, enjoyable, and not full of invasive MT's people will play anyting with the Halo brand. You could literally make any spinoff, any genre, any time period in Halo and with Halo and so long as it follows the above list of criteria, you can bet it will sell.
I think it could work in some settings, I would prefer it to be set on occasions where the enemies are more various like civil wars, survival against flood or such.
That would be awesome
Sure, can we also have a Brute spin off campaign, and flood spin off mini campaign, maybe even a Promethean Knight spinoff campaign, and of course another ODST campaign.

One thing though that is needed is a way to make fighting against the UNSC more compelling. Right now the UNSC AI is good for a background sidekick allies but it wouldn't be as interesting fighting them as a Elite/Brute/Combat Form/Promethean Knight. Lets keep the Human on Human fighting down to a minimum. We already had enough CoD imports from H4.
This is actually a good idea. It would be cool to play as the arbiter again and it should take place between Halo 3 and Halo 4. Amazing idea dood.
Maybe one focusing on the Arbiter
Maybe one focusing on the Arbiter
It should take place at Sanghelios during Chief's 4 year cryo sleep.