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Sargent Johnson or arbiter?

OP Undead King1231

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Sargent Johnson or arbiter?
SGT Johnson all the way. Fought for humanity and died for humanity.
Arbiter knocked Johnson out in a Halo 2 cutscene.
Definitely Johnson. He was the very definition of Gung-go.
In a fight or just who do we like more as a character? Obviously Thel would destroy Johnson in a fight, and I think I like him more than Johnson as well. -Yoinking!- love Sgt Johnson though
I choose David.

Johnson, he knows what the ladies like.
Of course UNSC. So Avery Johnson.
Johnson for sure
It's a close one but I'd have to go with the Arbiter. He was the first elite to befriend a human (the Chief no less, whom he later came to respect greatly) and has bulletproof armor.
for a brick he flew pretty good!
SGT Johnson he taught me the finer things in life, like "what the ladies like", how to send someone out with the biggest BANG for the ultimate showings of respect, and the old ways of fighting, which involved "sticks and a rock for the whole platoon, and we had to share the rock!". May he rest in peace.
Maybe edit this to a poll or request moving this to a general discussion.

Also in what matter are we comparing them on or just overall?
Johnson easy
Well I'm not exactly sure who Sargent Johnson is, but I do know who Sergeant Johnson is.

With that out of the way arbiter is my boy, and if we are talking about a battle then you actually think johnson would stand a chance? HA, were it so easy!!!
On the battlefield, Arbiter.
With the ladies, Johnson.
I'm going with Johnson too. I liked that character.
Sargent Johnson without hesitation
I honestly would have to pick Thel in this, I think he had more of a character arc and had a greater impact on the war as a whole.
Johnson. Cause he knew what the ladies liked.
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