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should 343 add grifball?


do u think grifball should be in rotation 24/7?

Poll Ended

Why not both? Halo 5 has a severe lack of gametypes.
I have to agree with IWH8YD, the more the better.
I believe that grifball will be in the December update with forge, reqs, etc...
I wish they can bring griffball back, was the only playlist that I can enjoy playing online solo.
They should bring Grifball back, first as a weekend playlist and later as a main playlist.
Griff Ball is one of the funnest modes Halo ever introduced.
I wish both come back but when i decide than griffbal yay
Grifball would be fun to add back in
The game is still young. They can't put every since playlist available at launch or we would have waited for H5 for another year.
Yeah. Griffball needs to come backl