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Should Halo 6 need to include classes????

OP Tetele

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If it's disabled by default for customs and off in matchmaking, as long as it doesn't interfere, I don't see why limit the player's options and downright delete them. It worked in 2A because those were similar and weak weapons like SMG's or plasma rifles that everyone was going to throw away. But in customs you could do whatever you wanted.
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Uh that's not spam. That's a perfectly valid response to a ridiculous question about classes being added to Halo. I'm gonna have agree with Steel Fantasy. Classes have no business in Halo. This isn't Team Halo Fotress, it's Halo.
NO. I never was a fan of the classes when they were being implemented. Adding them would be taking away Halo's identity away.
Hell no. NO! NEVER! Please fix the mistakes already made before making new ones for the 2nd time.
I said no, but then again I don't play battlefield and I don't know what their classes are.
U mad bro? No classes in Halo... ever
Yes, kinda like halo 4. I felt like that was fun and gave me the chance to use guns That I like.
Nah man. They tested that water with H4 and loadouts. It was universally disliked and most Halo fans took it as a slap in the face. It would be really dumb of them to add classes.
Would be nice to have loadouts (not Cod custom classes) for custom games.
No, no & definitely not! (Yeah I just quoted Harry Potter, @ me lol) I don’t want loadouts in Halo, part of what makes Halo so fun is everyone has the same weapon until you pick up a new one.
We bashed Infinite Warfare for copying Halo designs, etc, but it’s okay that we copy their classes

I sense a Nutshell

My answer is definitely 100% No
Having no classes is what makes Halo well Halo
Halo us a Even starts competitive game, it needs that.

But i wouldn't mind having a few casual class modes and having the option to have class options in custom games would be great.

Unlocking classes and creating classes was fun in halo 4.

Halo is meant to be both, a great competitive game and also allow for a lot of fun social modes.
Implementing it across the board is a big no-no for me.But if it's a specific game mode?Sure,why not.
I'm part of the unpopular opinion here but I wouldn't mind it as long as you make it unique to Halo. I had a lot of fun using all the different starting weapons in Halo 4 even though two weapons mainly got used online.
one of the reasons halo was good was because it had no classes it had equal load outs, map design/ layout and power weapons. to be better, people had to learn and master these things so it all fell down to how skillful someone was rather then letting the class they pick do everything for them. we saw with halo 4 classes ruined things (i know they were load outs but still) having the bolt shot as a secondary that acted like a shotgun was not right so because of this the player didn't need to learn map layouts or be good enough to get the weapon, they had it off the bat which isn't skillfull
Fair starts, all the way.
No classes is the classiest way to go
Maybe some set loadouts for certain matchmade games (like if a gamemode like invasion is in Infinite) and for customs, but custom classes can stay away and the vast majority of matchmade games should have the players spawning with the same weapons.
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