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Should Spartan abilities stay for halo 6?

OP homerduff15

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I have seen plenty of threads discussing this topic but I want to see your opinion on Spartan abilities. Do you like the more fast paced movement or do you prefer the slower paced movement of Halo 1-3? Honestly I would like to see sprint, smart scope and Spartan charge removed for halo 6. I don't mind the rest of them too much.
Remove Spartan Charge keep the rest.
This... Should have been a choice in the poll because I think this is the most hated SA. Rest is fine, I love the thrusters
They are all fine. It's funny that people complain because they die to certain abilities. "I'm bad at avoiding something so please remove it from the game"
Sorry about the lack of an option for Spartan charge only. My bad.
l000Flan k wrote:
They are all fine. It's funny that people complain because they die to certain abilities. "I'm bad at avoiding something so please remove it from the game"
As if that has ever been openly proclaimed by someone who hates the Spartan abilities. Stop making such baseless assumptions for once in your life.
Sprint is the only bad one.

And Spartan charge, but that's an easy omission once sprint is gone.

A high BMS halo game with no sprint that keeps thrust, slide, mantle and GP would be amazing.
Ground pound and thrust are the only ones that should stay
If they got rid of Spartan Charge I'd be fine.
Not only keep everything, add more. Furthermore, I would like to see abilities integrated into the armor.
Keep thruster, possibly clamber get rid of the rest
It would be really weird from a gameplay perspective and a canonical perspective if Spartans suddenly lost a bunch of abilities lol
Spartan Charge is cancer and should be eradicated. Sprint is okay but I wouldn't lose any sleep if it was removed, and I actually like Smart Scope, thrusters, and ground pound. I like slide, but if they took out sprint in Halo 6 I really don't know how slide would work.
Remove spartan charge from existence and we're golden. That or nerf the ever loving -Yoink- out of it.

Bonus option: Put the -Yoinking!- motion tracker back to 20 something so we actually have time to react to the noob sprinting all around the map spartan charging everyone in the back.
Thrusters yes.
Sprint idc either way.
Spartan charge can burn in hell.
Ground pound I do not use for killing that much. I use it more as a mobility tool than anything.
ADS like aiming needs to be gone. Yeah it's not that different but I hide to much of the action on the screen for my liking.
Stabilize can stay. I love my stabilize jumps!
I think 343 should scrap everything except thruster pack, clamber, and maybe ground pound, then buff the movement speed up to Halo 2 levels or higher. Slide is pretty much useless in its current state due to the many alternatives to using it. I don't use clamber outside of Warzone, but many others do, so it has some purpose. Sprint just acts as a barrier between maximum speed and combat, and spartan charge is both gimmicky and stupid (although if sprint goes, spartan charge would logically follow). And since 343 considers it a spartan ability, smart scope should just be replaced with classic full-screen zoom.
Not only keep everything, add more. Furthermore, I would like to see abilities integrated into the armor.
Dear God, no. That would be horrible.
I'd remove all but keep Clamber and alter Ground Pound so AOE is gone. Then I'd bring back equipment. The possibilities with equipment is endless. The way Halo 3 did it was perfect. One time use, map pickups, didn't break gameplay, it was perfect I think.

If sprint must stay I'd say thrusters need to go. it's so easy to escape for battles, avoid things, etc. The more I play, the more I dont like them. If they are to stay, the way you can activate them needs to change. I honestly think Spartan charge could work, but needs to be altered also.
Keep them all, nerf the hell out of Spartan charge (won't be sad if it's completely removed though)

For spartan charge:

- No magnetism - when you charge, your Spartan literally continues in the direction you were facing - it won't track an enemy at all, and especially won't shoot you upwards if the enemy jumps. This would really only make it useful against someone who has their back turned or is just not paying attention. It should not be something to cover for a players bad decision of sprinting into a room without thinking about what's around the corner.

- decrease the knockback it has on the one who gets hit by it OR have it so some slight damage to the player charging.

- have it count as a use of the thruster - If someone just charged, their thruster has to cool down (since the thrusters are clearly used in the animation)

I say this because in theory Spartan charge makes sense. Your Spartan uses the thrusters for sprinting and ground pounding. If I had this ability I would certainly use the thrusters to slam into someone if the situation was right - But it needs to be made to where it is ONLY useful on unsuspecting enemies. It should not be a "I messed up and sprinted into a bad situation, but survived cause of Spartan charge" ability.
1. Replace smart link with classic zoom for human and covenant weapons but keep for promethean weapons like the light rifle and tweak the suppressor so it doesn't cover up so much of the screen when smart link is activated.
2. Remove sprint, increase bms and strafe speed. Have a more sprint like animation when moving at max bms so people dont seem like they're power walking(Halo 3)
3. If sprint is removed, decrease range on thruster to make it more of an unpredictable analogue to normal strafe to throw off enemy aim than a mechanic to augment speed
4. Completely remove spartan charge altogether. A mechanic like this should not be in a halo game.
5. Slide, Clamber, Groundpound: Not to much of a fan of the latter 2 but I'd gladly take them over sprint and spartan charge. Slide, if sprint is removed, should be allowed to activate only when moving at max bms for a certain amount of time. A visual cue to tell the player that he is now able to use slide could be used.

I think I covered everything.
All I know is I don't want Spartan charge in H6
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