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Should Spartan abilities stay for halo 6?

OP homerduff15

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I'd like them, but I don't think we need them, and I they aren't included I won't really care
I loved Spartan Abilities, but a huge chunk of the community hates them. If 343 puts Spartan Abilities in Halo 6, it will kill the franchise because the remnant of the old fanbase it about ready to give up on Halo. So, yes I love them, and would like for them to return, but I want the halo franchise to survive even more... so 343, don't put them in the game.
Rather than simply keeping the new spartan abilities, Also add a handful of new abilities to breathe more life into the competitive action of the game, if you're against them, maybe a Sonic Generations-style set of gamemodes will bridge the gap in different experiences.

New Things i'd like to see:

In case you have nothing in your hand like in the Beginning of the early two Halo games, All Players should be assigned fists as stock last resort weapons. Also disarming the other player, should only be used by fist users for balance reasons.
Sprint-shooting (Guns-down shooting is a horribly inconvenient-style of sprinting, so far)
(Just like in AVP2010) Melee Blocking (Groundpound/Spartan Charge beats Melee Blocking, Melee Blocking beats melee attack, Melee attacking beats Groundpound/Spartan Charge)
Pressing Grenade Switch button while smart-scoping changes firing modes (Grenade Switch + Smart-Scope switches Assault Rifle's firing mode from Automatic fire to Underslung Grenade Launcher, as seen in Pre-Xbox Halo)
Picking Up Fusion Coils/any explosive and throwing them.
Smart Scope + Quick Melee = Gun Throwing.
I say remove Spartan Charge, Ground Pound, and limit Sprint (Halo 4 Sprint but, with a meter so we know when it will run out).
Wow this poll really surprised me. I thought everyone (or at least the majority) would vote with all the youtubers. I guess we shouldn't think that youtubers have all the power.
Remove Spartan Charge keep the rest.
Totally agree, Spartan charge is trash...i can live with the rest.
Wow. Interesting, and somewhat surprising, to see these poll results. So far, it looks like the majority of people actually do like Spartan Abilities to at least some degree.

Personally, I do like them in theory, and want that back, but adjusted. I've been a Halo fan since the very beginning and I find them to be a fitting evolution of Halo, but they're in need of some serious rebalancing and tuning. I'd love to see a Halo 6 in which everything is simply reigned in a bit toward a happy medium.
I just want to go to the classic Halo gameplay...Nothing too complicated...Yet it can be super competetive...That's the beauty of the old style
Remove Spartan charge, ground pound, thruster boost (smack like cod w this one)
DarkMile3 wrote:
I don't mind too much, Spartan charge should go though
The Thing is how to balance it, sure it feels badass but i felt an AVP2010-treatment for melee in a future game could eliminate issues concerning the lethality of spartan charge. If Halo happened to shed new abilities like they did with Dual-wielding but i hope clamber and groundpound can stay TBH.
Keep them.
Yeah, if dual-wielding (even with the Flagnum still present) happened to be reintroduced then it still has to be worked around the new spartan abilities (and/or new sets of hypothetical gameplay abilities), it's really tough knowing what to do about it, though.
Keep all Spartan abilitys it makes the game fast pace u always moving.
If they remove it the game wouldn't make any sense because u had the evolution but now u gonna back.
I guess there is a level of skillfulness involved with spartan charges, but they are way to powerful and I think these nerfs would be great: minimize the length of the charge (making it more risky), and remove the damage over area (direct hit is required). I would keep the quick turn and damage overall.
I kinda like the abilities and wouldn't mind seeing some return but I don't wan them to copy and paste the exact set of abilities. if any abilities will be added to the game then they should experiment, maybe come up with some new ones. the only ones I'd say would be the better abilities to continue to future games are sprint and clamber just because they'd make the most sense. if they're gonna remove sprint then they better remove all of them because that'd be annoying as heck to have varying abilities but "run faster" not be one of them.
I say remove Spartan Charge, Ground Pound, and limit Sprint (Halo 4 Sprint but, with a meter so we know when it will run out).
I'm with this sprint idea
Yes they need to stay and improve
i like the spartan abilities, it gives the players an edge in combat and it is alot more satisfying and awesome when u boost outta the way of a rocket to then airborne snapshot someone.
I'd like to point out some things about this poll, both its numerical results and trends I've noticed in the comments.

  • Currently the results show 84% of voters actually liking Spartan Abilities to some degree or liking most of them, while only 16% want them removed.
  • In total 39% of voters in this poll have a problem with Sprint, while most (61%) do not.
  • Many comments express the desire to adjust Spartan Abilities to improve their balance.
  • It seems that almost all of us can agree that we like Thruster Pack a lot and it should stay.
  • It seems that almost all of us agree that Spartan Charge is overpowered and cheap in its current state, and many of us want it adjusted and nerfed, but not removed.
I am increasingly convinced that the best way to make Halo 6 to please the largest number of Halo players is revisit Spartan Abilities and tweak the way that they work for a more balanced, toned-down, classic feel while still letting Halo evolve and take on a bit more fast pace and complexity without going over the top.
they should use halo 2 sprint
No Classic needs a comeback
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