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Should Spartan Companies be developed more in game

OP AnderBRO2

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I would love to see this pick up more interest and options
I feel like both should be added because it would add more interaction to the spartan companies
its like gta crews, its just separating the community and making people arrogant about theircompany
They need it so bad. A company/clan system in game would help keep the game alive for years to come.
Even just adding it as a tab to the "person browser" (where right now you can see Friends, Fireteam, and Recent Players) would be a bonus.
Absolutely. Right now, there`s no advantage other than a REQ pack. There`s so much room for Clans to do so much more, particularly in game. Even cosmetically.
If they could add a ranking system to the companies that would be really cool. Every time the clan ranked up everyone who is in the company can get a req pack or something. The spartan companies rank could go up if you play games with at least 4 people or it could be the average of the SR's in the company.
Clan file shares will be amazing and help develop the community that was there in Halo 3. Even moreso because you play with these guys a lot.

Admin stuff should be handled through waypoint. But there should be a seperate tab for spartan company in the menus. (Fireteam / Company / Friends / Recent Players)

There is so much potential here to develop an amazing multiplayer system. Its just a matter if 343 will take the "Mantle"
like the idea but used however, in call of duty known as clan wars. Aside from that it would be a great idea
I love the 0% "no". Yes, Spartan Companies really need to be buffed.
Definitely both.
What if we could get special commendations/quest/mission things for each Spartan Company, such as quotas like, get a certain amount of kills this week to have your company earn bronze REQ pack, get more kills upgraded to silver then gold, and have each Company compete Globally for a Premium pack. Games won for the week... etc
I just want to be able to see a separate friends list of my Spartan Company members.
i would really like to see the Spartan Companies be more than just a name under your gamertag.
There not much to the spartan company so i think they need to add to them and make it were u can do alot more with it
no this -Yoink- is starting to be like gta crews. I rather just be able to see my friends in the side of the menu like halo reach
badboy6295 wrote:
i mean why even have them if they dont do anything in the game
Exactly this. Give me something more than my company name under my emblem in the roster menu.
An additional page of friends that shows your spartan company too would be nice, because with groups of 30+, adding everyone is tedious so I'd rather just be able to get people quickly without needing to add immediately.
Fight and win as a company and get extra REQ points and maybe exclusive gear?
nice ideas
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