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Should Vehicle seat swapping return from Halo 5


Do you want them to return?

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Vehicle seat swapping was the only mechanic I loved from Halo 5.
Dunno. I liked how you were restricted to one seat in previous games.
Of course, quality of life improvements are always welcome
Unlike many of Halo 5's changes, seat swapping was an actual innovation. It's a 'yes' from me. Maybe just slow down the animation a little.
Yes, something I've wanted to do but, haven't done yet is snipe someone in the middle of a seat swap.
I always try seat swapping in the older games now because of it...such a nice mechanic that you get used to.
Yeah I thought it was a cool detail to add to the game. It's also more realistic to allow players to hop seats since that's very doable in real life
The ability to switch seats has been an interesting improvement, and it makes game play more interesting. Just because you got the first gunner doesn't mean that the hog is out of commission for a while. The passenger can be up and gunning you before you know it. It makes the hogs more viable as a whole imo
Of course. It would be really dumb knowing the hog has no doors or roof and not being able to swap seats simply by standing up and jumping into the gunner seat. Lol.
THE 6 SQAD wrote:
Of course. It would be really dumb knowing the hog has no doors or roof and not being able to swap seats simply by standing up and jumping into the gunner seat. Lol.
But you still for some reason have players in h5 that refuse to acknowledge that seat switching is a thing. had a buddy i was playing with accidentally get in the passenger seat. .....he had to get out just to get in the gunner. #bru🤦‍♂️
Yes,I makes it so much easier and it's so useful. I'd love to see it return
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This is one of the few things I remember liking from Halo 5
it was so fun using it in drag race custom game
I would definitely like to see it return though it could be shown a bit more clearly that there is such feature and it could be made a bit more accurate in a way that switching to different seats would use different buttons. As in 3 separate buttons with each having corresponding placement in the vehicle which to character switches to. Or alternatively 2 buttons that show on the hud for each empty seat in the vehicle, a HUD option you could hide if you feel like you have used to the switch rhythm or dont need instructions.

Or in case of vehicles with more numerous seats, you could use direction from d-pad(or similar) and then press the switch button to determine the seat to whitch you want to switch to. In this case, too, there could be a promp which would indicate the seat you are about to switch to. Obviiously hideable prompt in the settings too.

Just a few options to make switching more specific, if it returns. But definitely would like to see it return.
Seat swapping is one of the few things introduced in Halo 5 that I actually liked, so yes, it would be great to see it return.
Before Halo 5 I had been asking for seat swapping to be a thing since Halo 3, it just makes life so much easier when you're on the go and you lose your driver or turret guy. This way, if your driver is shot down while making a get away with your flag carrier, the gunner can jump into the available seat and make it closer to the base. Or if your gunner gets shot down your passenger can take the position.
Seat Swapping = Best Part of Halo 5
Yes. It was one of, if not the best thing Halo 5 introduced.