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OP Ace of Kings V

Are Spartan Companies worth using

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In my opinion (my very opinionated opinion) No! Of-course Spartan Companies introduce a more dynamic play-style in the community. It it just not for me. I do not generally communicate via headset and I generally play two hours a week (not active enough). Since I really do not care for the Achilles Set, and cannot effectively commit, Spartan Companies are really not a thing for me.
It is completely up to you if you want to join. You get to play with people and raise your skill with your team. It is also a good way to stay active within the community. Plus you get the Achilles Armor Set!
They don't really make a difference to me because I go solo about 95% of the time, but more REQ packs are always nice.
They're a good idea but need to be better integrated. You should't need to add your entire company to play with them. The reward req packs need to actually be decent.