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Sprint vs No Sprint

OP The Numenorean7

I am doing some personal research, and I want to know where the majority of the Halo community stands. I don't want this to start arguments between Pro-Sprint and Anti-Sprint players, or inspire rants against 343i. This is purely for personal research, so please don't turn this post into a battleground or a riot against 343i.

Also, I know that there are dozens of posts and polls out there just like this one. I just don't have enough time to find each one and read through it.


Edit: I am neutral in this poll. I understand that sprint is here to stay; I just simply want to get the community's opinion. I have no delusion that 343i will change sprint because of these polls. Again, I understand that sprint is here to stay; I just simply want to know what the majority of the community thinks about it. I am not trying to change anything, nor am I once again trying to raise the issue with 343i. I am just simply doing this for personal research.
I think it is important to note that even while sprinting, a spartan is not even twice as fast, not even 30 % as fast.
It is possible to leap further but that is about the only advantage, and if you play Arena on a higher level, sprinting is punished hard if used incorrectly.
I could really care less if sprint still existed or not, though the fact that either Spartans got another suit augmentation to let them run at full speeds, or the Spartan IV company dimmed down the weight of the spartan's armour to let them get a speed boost.
I hate and like it, but guys how long do you play halo 5 already, get used to it already