Tough one for me.

I played CE round at friends' houses and loved it. I then binged on the PC version but without multiplayer. I barely got to experience H2 at the time though because not many of my mates still had working Xbox by then and when the Vista version came I didn't have a compatible pc.

Then Halo 3 happened: my best mate got a 360 and we spent hours on it. Year later I went away for uni and we played a good amount in our corridor in halls and then our flat.

Halo Wars and ODST were the first games that I was lucky enough to play at or shortly after release and really put some time into and loved them.

Then Reach... Reach is what took me from a Halo fan into a fullblown lover of Halo. Ploughed a lot of time into that game.

I voted for 2001-2004 because that is when I started but realistically could argue for any of the top 3
Started playing in 08 with H3, my first xbox console and first shooter game.
Way back in the day shortly after CE released. Early 2002 if I had to guess, but I don’t remember the exact date
I started playing in 2011 but my first game is halo ce
I had the original xbox in 2007 or 2008, played Halo CE and 2, then finally got an xbox 360 around 2011 and played Halo 3, Reach, ODST, and when it came out, 4, with my brother. Got an Xbox One in 2016 and made a new xbox account, played 5 and recently got MCC just to play them all again.
2001, Combat Evolved
I remember when I was super young I played some custom games on the son of my babysitters xbox on CE. Didnt really start getting involved until Reach and 3 though.
I started playing CE maybe a year or two after it came out, so 2001-2004
I experienced CE within the first month after its release because my uncle and his friends all played it on system link. They were in college. When he realized how much i loved the game he got me an xbox for christmas with CE and Fusion Frenzy. I always played against people older than me (I was 5 at the time). I think this is a good reason i got better than most at the game. After that i continued to buy every Halo on release date. Halo 2’s release was huge with xbox live being more developed and being able
to play with my uncle and my friends online whenever without having to be in the same room. It was a good time to be alive and to play video games.
Damn a lot of halo Og’s
I've been playing Halo since day 1.. well day one for CE.

I wouldn't have guessed that the 2010's would have the most votes though. I thought maybe the 2004 onwards, the rise of Halo 2, would have more.
2007, Halo 3
Started playing Halo CE when it released. Best game ever. Still puts the other halos to shame imo.
Wish I could say that I was around since the beginning, but I first played Halo 3 in Wal-Mart, it was one of their demo games set up. That was in 2007, then my step brother introduced me to the full game in 2008. I then went back and played each game and went on to get ODST, Reach, and so on and so forth. Easily the only game I ever loved so much because I'm a sci-fi lover when it comes to aliens and super soldiers.
In Walmart lol well nvm I felt that
2007 is when I first experienced Halo with the release of Halo 3.
I started with Reach in 2010
started playing halo 3 in late 2007.