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The Hardest Campaign Solo Game?

OP Redcat628

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Halo 2 is the hardest by far. CE can be difficult too.
Halo 2, especially the original xbox version as (if I remember this right) the Iron skull (or something like it) was automatically active so solo death = mission restart. And the jackal snipers.

  • Halo CE = patience and some tough spot with rocket flood
  • Halo 3 = patience, precision and memory of enemies
  • ODST = same as 3 but more deaths
  • Halo 4 = same as 3 but more rage due to teleporting promeatheans
  • Halo 5 = slow and steady extermination of weaker enemies then stronger then move on (the revive systems helps a bit if the AI is smart)
  • Halo Reach = easy peasy so long as you have precision weapons and know little things like "oh i can just shoot the AA turret from far away to destroy it and then rush to the next zone" or "i dont have to fight any of these elites, i can just use the marines as bait while i go through the door behind them all"
H5 - isn’t difficult compared to the others. I've learned I can breeze through the campaign with the 4 skulls I’ve found: Blind, Fog, IWHBYD, and Grunt Birthday Party.
H4 - I have finished the campaign, but it was last year and I don’t remember
H3 - Same reason as Halo 4
Halo Reach - I’ve done it multiple times and the only thing that got on my nerves was the number of brutes I had to deal with in certain areas
Halo 3: ODST - Not being a Spartan didn’t affect me that much, besides having lower health 90% of the time. I almost forgot about the Jackals with carbines that love to chill on the roof of the buildings
Halo 2 - Haven’t gotten to it yet (plz don’t kill me) because I’ve been trying to get 50 hours of Custom games in H5 and I’m at 48 hours
Halo CE - Haven't completed it yet, though I did complete a level without jumping and got a new banner on MCC
Redcat628 wrote:
To simply put it, flood missions.
Halo 2, it has many random and unfair aspects to it, the youtuber actman made a great video on it.

I think halo ce isn't that hard as it is very easy to predict what happens when, and where what spawns, and how enemies react.
all im going to say is halo 2.
Sorry I'm late. Halo Reach
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