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[Locked] Timmy Helmet stats

OP mastergamer015

Hi everyone
I'm making this poll in response to our fascination in the search for the requirements for Timmy the Whale helmet. It has stumped the community on how to receive it, so I want to see the varying results in which people were given the helmet.
Link to on going investigation.

Edit - typo on the 5th option from the top, should say 'hours' rather than 'hou'.
If you have it, but chose not to tick one of the options, feel free to comment down below your stats and how they differ.

Edit - If you suddenly get it, for some reason would you kindly update your chosen option.
Nope don't have it and I have 3 days and 340 games played. This thread is kinda pointless considering the playtime and matches played theories have already been debunked.