In the new Halo Wars 2 DLC Awakening the Nightmare, two new leaders have been released. They are both Jiralhanae and seem to be the most unique leaders in the game. The question is, which one is better. Both from a gameplay and lore based standpoint. I personally like Pavium partially more because of his leader powers. But from a lore standpoint I like both of them. What do you guys think?
Even though Vorodius seems to have better equipment.
Personally I'd say Voridus. Pavium's certainly strong, calm and smart, and his defensive capabilities are incredibly powerful, but as a result he lacks in offensive capabilities. Sure, Voridus can be a bit headstrong, but he's also a genius. Not only did he create the infusion gel technology, but he also came up with an impressively elegant solution to the toxic byproduct problem: weaponize it. And from a gameplay standpoint, the infusion gel gives Voridus a decent advantage just from the get go, never mind the ability to buff and heal friendly forces in it or incinerating every enemy who touches it. He's not limited to using it defensively, either, as opposed to Pavium, who comparatively has very few unique offensive options. It is this versatility that makes me choose Voridus
I like them both to be honest lore and game play wise.
pavium, I always end up playing defensively.