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Warthog or "WORThog"(Spectre)

OP MeleeWolf

The classic MG hog or the Spectre?

Make Your Selection:

For me honestly it's the Spectre due to having more "seats" and a slightly better protected driver.

P.S As far as I know credit for the name "WORThog" goes to Deranged REX.
The hog is just more fun, and the old one didn't over heat, which made it OP against all the slow Spartans lol!
spectre because I could have an extra guy on the side thats twice the amount of rocket launchers/fuel rods helping you out
*beep beep* warthog
I really like Spectre but I really cant place it above Warthog which has many different variations and the classic Warthog is just the best thing for drifting splatters.
Always will love the classic hog. But I love the name Worthog
Warthog, I like the way the driving handles better.
Warthog all the way. M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle.

But Wort Wort Wort hog is awesome lol.
Unless they come out with s scarab gun version of the specter, I've got to go with the M12 LRV Warthog - aka the Puma or walrus
I like to think the spectre is an op wathog with more seats, boost, and if it came back, more variants. also, it expands the covenant vehicle list which i feel is lacking, on air, one tank, one scout, but no ground transport, either everyone walks while some have ghosts, or they come decked out ready to counter the unsc.