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Warzone: Pay to win?

OP LeeMan49

The discussion thread was a bit long winded, so I knew a poll would be the easiest way to get around it, personally I believe Warzone is pay to win, but thats due to the REQ system (which I openly dislike and think it needs changing) but that's irrelevant.
Hopefully 343 will take these results into account!
I think it is. But I roll with it.
This is a well covered topic. Long story short, the answer is no.
I don't believe that it's pay to in. Say there was a noob who can't get kills aside from the occasional assassination steal. He buys a crap ton of Gold packs and gets a handful of Legendary REQs. If he isn't getting any kills, then he's not getting to use those REQs. Powerful REQs aren't going to guarantee a win. Pay to win is where you pay to get an advantage that would make any bad player decent. Warzone isn't that way.
Well, its not pay to win, buts it's not purely dependent on the team's skill either.
Your poll is biased towards implying it's pay to win.
It is still all luck of the draw. I like Warzone how it is and they don't need to change the mechanics, only add more REQs.
No it's clearly team skill.
The system isn't pay to win because the chances of you getting a particular item don't change whether you pay for it or unlock it. Also, there is no REQ card in the game that can _only_ be unlocked through paying.

Secondly, paying for an item doesn't make a difference in the game itself. You still need the energy to use it, there's no guarantee that you won't be killed with it and have it used against you, and no guarantee that you'll even win because of it.

It's not pay to win if you don't have the "win" part.
Idk, there has been times I single handedly held the core in Warzone Assault with a tank... the other team didn't have any reqs to kill my tank. I was dropping them like flies.

Had they paid for req packs to get something to take me out, they would have won. But they didnt, and we won.

It's happened more than once, that smells like pay to win to me.
If someone pays $200+ just for reqs in hopes to up their chance of winning (just saw another thread with someone stating they spent that to get everything) but aren't good, then those reqs will be useless without the skill. I won't spend money when I can just play and enjoy the game while unlocking stuff.
I can't understand someone who would spend $100 on reqs just to win a match. I would rather spend that amount of money on something that has more value.
Let's say this: The enemy team has a Nornfang. You kill the man with Nornfang. You pick up Nornfang. You don't miss any bullet, you get every kill. The man that bought it had a lower skill than you because he could not kill you with Nornfang. You picked up his gun after you killed him. Your kills win the game. You did not buy the weapon, he did. Plus, you don't need a weapon that is Nornfang or higher to kill the person wielding the good REQ. As always, it's skill vs. skill.
Well, its not pay to win, buts it's not purely dependent on the team's skill either.
Your poll is biased towards implying it's pay to win.
Yay!!! Someone who understands polling bias!!!!

Also, no. If you can't EARN the energy level, you're not using that Phaeton or Nornfang. You also are limited to MAYBE 5 progressing REQs per match. And there is a vehicle limit on the map. There are a lot of failsafes in the way to keep you from using a Ultra Ghost every time you spawn in, even if you have 1000 because you paid for all of them. And even if you have 100000 Nornfangs, youre not getting it until the final 5-7 minutes of the match unless youre Pingy.
You have a even chance any way you could buy packs and have the worst team its all just luck
first, you don't have to actually pay.
second, i've seen a lot of teams (mine too) win a lot of matches with the bug that lock the req system
It is so easy to get reqs that it is dumb to buy them!
Earning REQs by play is more of an accomplishment for me!!