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Was halo 5's campaign good

OP ZeefIex

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I liked the general plot but wish they would've done some things differently. Intel missions are stupid. Revive mechanic needs to go.
It had interesting game mechanics but it kind of lacked the open world feel and dynamic story telling that was found in previous installments of the franchise. The over-reliance on lore kind of needs addressing, you'd probably have to read about 10+ articles of literature to even understand how 5 played out the way it did. In Halo 4 you could of hopped in and they gave you synapses of what happened CE-3 at the start in an Easter egg.
It started off ok but then it got worse due to the over-use of the teleporting enemy's, even worse when they started rehashing the Eternal Warden after the first fight then it dragged on but the ending was pretty decent except the campaign in general didn't seem as good as H4 was, well H5's maps designs did tend to feel too linear.
It definitely didn't have a good story but the campaign as a whole could of been a lot worse.
Enjoyed it.
For a halo game it was clearly terribly written and warden eternal is just lazy. Not to mention it was very short. Overall not great, I still enjoyed it because I love the halo universe but It was definitely disappointing.
Considering that 12/15 missions were with Locke and 95% bought the game for Chief, its horrible.

1/10 would not play again - IGN
JOE DC 34 wrote:
In my opinion, the Halo 5 campaign was probably one of my favourite. I'm talking about gameplay wise because I thought it was quite enjoyable. The story and length of the campaign sucks though.
Agree, I loved the gameplay on the game with routes and the special weapons on each mission. Plus their Easter eggs are pretty good.
The game was way too short and the story didn't make much sense in my opinion, plus what was advertised was not the actual product. Hunt the truth. Yeah not really. Locke vs. Master Chief. They get into one good fight and then they make up. Also, Cortanna should have stayed dead, because then it gets rid of the effect of her sacrific in Halo 4. Cortanna is evil? Why and WTF!? Not only was the story sub par, but the actual levels weren't that impressive, especially with the ones where all you do is walk around and interact with something. I do like that Bucky made another appearance from an ODST to a spartan.
I think the base story line could've been a great campaign, it just felt a little rushed. If they'd worked longer on it and stuck to the marketing a little more it'd be better
Regardless of some problems I had a fun time with Halo 5's campaign.
It was pretty awful the story did suck script was bad to me halo 5 and halo 4's story they where both awful -Yoink- halo 5's story
I thought it was pretty good. Not the best Halo story but still really interesting
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