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Weapon skins in classic Halo

OP master chief 7v

Good day Spartans! So, I have been talking with my friends for a little while about the idea of introducing weapon skins into classic Halo, and while I personally don't think that it should be done, I did want to throw this out to the community for a discussion. thanks, and I hope you have a wonderful day!
I'm all for 343 going back and updating graphics, using Blur cut scenes, and producing anniversary editions.. but that's a long way away from 343 going back into an old game and fundamentally changing the look, feel, and tone of it (you can still play with the original graphics so the original look is still preserved anyway). One of the best things about the MCC imo is it's ability to bring in new players and let them see, to a certain extent, what the game was like when it first came out.
Never ever.
No. I’d protest at 343i building lol
I think Halo customization is at its best with Armor, Nameplates, and Emblems. I dont hate weapon skins, but the old games definitely are fine without them.
No Halo: Global Offensive Fortress 2 Customization. Just the barebones old school armor pieces, emblems, and plates.
I think skins make your character pretty unique and all but it wouldn't feel the same.