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What do you play more in Halo

OP Unleashed2121

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Casual multiplayer for at least the last few years.
I play Campaign the most but I also love Casual Multiplayer.
Casual multiplayer. It's more fun and easier to play with people.
I'm here for the story, so campaign 99% of the time. I'd say 100%, but I'll leave at least one percent available for if I ever feel like hopping on XB live one day.
Campaign takes up most my time, although I am partial to a bit of firefight odst
casual/ ranked MM
Campaign and casual multiplayer. Some competitive every now and then, but not often.
I really love playing the campaign levels in the Halo video games.
I'm in it for the campaign
Casual, but ranked is the idea.
I think a bit of everything
I'd like to think I play a little bit of everything as I really enjoy the entire Halo series.
Casual all around.
None of the above, I'm a forger and custom gamer
I mostly play casual multiplayer and campaign, and recently I've been getting into Reach firefight
Ranked multiplayer although recently I have not played any because teammates are trash
I play campaign the most but sometimes I play multiplayer
Campaign, definitely. Firefight (Reach first, then ODST) comes second. Casual Multiplayer & Warzone Firefight are probably close together.
I play most likely multiplayer, but usually i play campaign and firefight too
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