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What Halo game has the most memories for you?

OP SkullCrush3r114

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What Halo Game Has the Most Memories For You?

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My computer Glitched and I wasn't able to finish the poll by adding the rest of the games so it posted it unfinished.

Still feel free to comment what memories or what game you had the best time on. Mine was Halo 3 definitely playing in my cousins basement all night with a follow up by Halo Reach.
halo 1 on pc was my first halo game and I still love to play it from time to time
Halo 3. While I played a lot of Halo 2 with friends back in middle school, I really got into the xbox live scene with Halo 3 and made some great memories playing that game. I've been meaning to get back into xbox live again, but have been just so dang busy with work and life.
Halo Reach, because it was the first game I played online and with friends.
Volize wrote:
Halo Reach, because it was the first game I played online and with friends.
I had a very similar experience. While Halo 3 was my first game in the franchise, Reach was the first Halo game that I played online.
Halo 3 because it was my first and the one I played the most but to be honest I don't remember much due to being a bit frustrated at the time.
Halo 2, because I played through Halo CE with a friend, but then attempted Halo 2 solo, so I played it on and off, getting stuck and then pulling through - much to the help of speed running XD
Halo 2 because of the countless hours of LAN parties with my friends. We definitely had those in CE too, but it really took off during Halo 2. Also the introduction of online gameplay was life changing to me, hence why I’m still here on these forums so many years later
3 and its custom games. Spending hours every afternoon playing Jenga, Fat Kid, etc. over Xbox Live with school friends.
Halo Reach. I don't think any Halo game will have nearly as many hours in custom games as I have spent on Reach.
playing halo 3 MP for the first remember dying a lot : )
Honestly all of them have a strong memory CE was my introduction to the series. 2 was all me and my friends played, beating the campaign over and over on various difficulties. 3 had the most memorable campaign to me, and during that time I forayed into multiplayer for the first real time on a game other than CoD, and loved it. Thought it couldn’t get any better. But Reach was my freshman year in high school and I had friends again and it’s all me and them and my brother ever did. I mean all we ever did. I submitted Forge maps to the contests to have them used in multiplayer. I played every playlist possible solo and with others. Beat the campaign like 5 times. Played firefight when I was bored.

Honorable mention to ODST for tiding me over between 3 and Reach and providing a short and challenging blast on Heroic with friends.
Halo 2, I used to play it with all my cousins, It was my first halo game.
Halo CE
Halo 3 by a landslide. It was so fun to play sand trap with elephants and infection on guardian, and dual wielding was pretty cool at the time.
My dad bought halo 3 for me and my brothers. We didn't even know what is was. We didn't play much xbox 360, except for like Lego Batman. But as soon as when opened it up we fell in love with it. I had a wanting/growing knowledge. I got the books, red the lore, ect. So when you say halo 3, it reminds me of the good times with my bros.
Halo 3. Too many memories in that game
Halo Reach messing around in custom games and forge world with friends.

Crashing vehicles for fun in forge. Trying the hologram glitch.
Definitely Halo Reach. The forge and custom games were some of the most fun I've had playing any Halo game.
Halo 3, mainly with the ODST add on. it’s interesting playing as a helljumper rather than a Spartan
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