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What is your favorite Halo 1 Weapon?

OP FotusKnight

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No doubt the Magnum, very iconic.
I actually like the magnum and shotgun the same. The shot gun is better when fighting the flood and the magnum is great for hunters.
I like the look of the shotgun the best, and it was a lifesaver on the library when playing legendary. No denying that the CE pistol was pretty awesome too
Yeah the magnum is pretty cool and powerful but I like using the sniper rifle.
In the words of TheSmurfy18...."MIGHTY MAGNUM!"
The rocket launcher is an option? Don’t you mean mini nuke?
If you're going for all round effectiveness then the answer is obviously the pistol (magnum), but I absolutely love the original Halo CE designs of the MA5B, Needler and Plasma Rifle.
halo one pistol.
My assault rifle! Although I'm not a weirdo...
Normally I'd say the Magnum, but I'll be a weirdo and say the Assault Rifle just for the sake of picking a different answer than most lol.
I just really like the Shotgun. I know I find myself using the Magnum more, but I don't want that to influence my choice because of how powerful it is. I like the Shotgun, it has tons of ammo, and I like getting up close and personal to kill the opponents. It's also pretty useful against the Flood in the Campaign. Actually if anything, I mostly go with a shotgun and Magnum combination, so I can deal with guys from up close and from a distance.
The magnum. So. Good. It is sad that neither Bungie nor 343 ever tried to match it or reproduce it in a subsequent game. It was and still is the best.
The pistol.
No weapon called the magnum ;)

Jk, I always carry an AR during campaign though.
I swear the pistol gives me aimbot. It just feels so... Perfect.

But really my friend was driving away in a warthog and I killed him with a pistol, wasn't even aiming that near to him. Maybe his head was just a bullet magnet. Yeah... was.
Shotty with honorable mention to them pocket nukes!
Assault rifle. Best firing sound, 60 rounds, spray and pray :)
Mag no doubt hands down...shotgun backup for the library.
They all have their ups and downs but my favorite is the magnum
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