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what is your favourite cortana ???

OP dark rider6035

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mine is classic halo 2 and halo 2A Cutscenes .whats yours ???
Easily Halo 4 Cortana. Her most beautiful design IMO, although I do like her in Halo 2: Anniversary too. On the other hand, her Halo 5 design and characterization are seriously repulsive.
I like her in Halo 2, but I prefer her in Halo 4

I don't considere it's her in Halo 5, for me it's a new AI with Cortana memorie
I like how involved and influential she was in Halo 2, so that's probably my favorite. But I did like her color scheme in 2A cutscenes.
Visually it's Halo 4 (shudder) for me.
I really like how she looks in the H2A cutscenes, but overall I like her best in 4.
halo 4 and halo 2 a
Halo 3 Cortana was the first modern graphical design we got that wasn't odd to look at
Halo 2, but also 4
Visual design I'd say Halo 4

When it comes to character my favourite is Halo 2, which ended up to be what I voted.
CE has a great Cortana but I felt a bit like it was still a character in progress who was more realised in H2. In 4 Cortana is brilliantly written, gives me goosebumps. Halo 3 has good Cortana, but little Cortana.
Reach had a better Cortana character than Halo 5... oof
Depends what I look: design, look, charater, dialogues, role in the actual game. I prefer her whole in CE, her TRON-ish design, she's serious, but she had some funny lines. However I think her best lines in H2! I just don't get it why her hair design changed in H2 and become cannon. Also many fan said her look is a bit oversexualized, especially for a ship AI. I don't feel that till Halo 4!
I like Cortana from Halo 4. That is my favorite.
My perception of Cortana is the older she gets, the younger she looks. Take Halo 4 for example, she looks like a teen but she is actually at the end of her average lifespan.
I'm going with H3. Apart from H5 and her in-game model from H2A, I like them all, but her H3 is just what comes to mind when I think of Cortana.
Halo 2
Halo 4. She’s way too beautiful. Great redesign.
H2A Cutscenes, but H4 close second
For looks, I’d say that 343i did a great job with Cortana in 4, but I think Bungie did amazing with Cortana’s character, morals and goals, so I’d say H2
Definitely Halo 4, she had the most.......... sexy design and feel.
H2A graphics was next level so from a visual standpoint clear winner there imo, as far as character content and role in the plot I guess I am a bit more split. Probably H2 because she is there for more of the campaign than H3 but also more fleshed out than in CE. 4 was interesting and could have been a winner if the character being built and her actions in the story had a greater and more consistent impact, unfortunately H5 pretty much undid all the work H4 did for Cortanas character and sacrifice so sort of retroactively ruins H4 as well.
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