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What platform do you think you'll buy Infinite on?


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What platform do you think you'll buy Infinite on?

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Halo Infinite will release next Holiday on Xbox One and Windows 10. However, The pleasant announcement was made that Project Scarlett, the next-gen Xbox will launch next Holiday as well, with Infinite being its launch title. Of these 3 platforms, which do you think you'll buy Infinite on?
Probably just stick with my xbox one unless that breaks due to how long I've had it. In that case, I'll probably pick up the Scarlet console.
Im definitely getting project Scarlett. You also get the game with Scarlett. Im going to play the best, on the best.
Probably Xbone and Scarlett.
100% Scarlett I can't wait. My two biggest gripes of this gen were load times and the fact that 30fps is still the console standard in 2019... TWENTY NINETEEN! Some games don't even hit a solid 30 like Just Cause 3, it's pathetic. I'm not a PC gamer so the thought of a console running games up to 120fps (even 60) and greatly reduced load times has got me drooling. Plus the fact that Scarlett will have ray tracing... I just can't play it on XB1 when the next console is out.
Going to treat myself and get scarlet.
It will again depend on how good it looks, but I'll probably be buying the Scarlet to play it, if the gameplay actually looks good when we see it
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Xbox One for now, but will probably buy it for other platforms later on
I'm hoping I can afford Xbox scarlett but we will see. I have a new 4k tv that I would love to take advantage of with a new Xbox system.
I pretty much only play Halo at this point. I just don't have the time any more for much else these days. Doesn't seem worth it to buy an entire console for a single game.
I'll buy it on PC .
Maybe on PC...
Probably on some Xbox, especially if there is splitscreen available, which has been claimed there will be but you never know, for Halo has been tied to Xbox for years now and couch gaming with splitscreen is part of Halo as well.
The project scarlett depends on what type it is, if it has lost easy and fast playability (as in one of the edge consoles had was being able to play when cartridge/disc was put in and it was game on, no huge installing required), as Xone has lost in addition to IRL social gaming (that H5g lacked by lacking splitscreen).
So if it's just a rapidly outdated computer without classical console edges, it's unlikely I would get it. It would be just waste of money.

But id like more information of the products themselves before I set any decisions in stone.
PC for sure
Somehow i still believe Microsoft will backpedal on this decision by the time Scarlett arrives on E3 2020. And it will be only on Scarlett.
Xbox One S forever.
Xbox One, then I will get the Project Scarlet about a year down the line.
Scarlett for sure
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