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What Should A New Spinoff Title be

OP jagerbruhski

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Hard choice between a sequel to ODST and a Marine-centric game. Gonna go with ODST though. Alpha-9 aren't ODSTs anymore, but a game that takes places after Bad Blood could be a great spiritual successor. Perhaps after H6 we could have an ODST-style game about Alpha-9's exploits during the Created Uprising.

Not even gonna comment on Noble Six lol
Stealth/horror ODST game.
Honestly another ODST-type game (not necessarily a direct sequel to ODST) would be the perfect spin-off for the Halo Universe. I thinking something along the lines of Cyberpunk 2077, but with more linearity, and obviously set in the Halo universe. I think as Halo fans we have been heavily deprived of seeing urban environments and human colonies in the Halo games. You don't see a lot of dense urban areas in any other them besides ODST thus far. I think doing a game where you play as an ODST or an MP that is fighting against human insurgency on an outer colony would be an amazing setup for a spinoff title.
A survival horror type game involving the flood.
Make it feel like a old school survival horror game by making ammo and health items very scarce.
ODST sequel would be cool but imagine the Covenants POV from the start of the war. Or the Forerunner first encounter with the flood.
Possibly an ODST game that leads to the main character accepting into the Spartan IV program.

Story Line such as..
  • Family dies from covenant attack
  • Joins Marines, Upgrades to ODST
  • Fights through vigorous, ruthless battles
  • Proves strength, invited to Join Spartan IV Program
  • Becomes a valuable assest and great character for main series.
I want a story with narrative. A story with background. A character to care for. An adventure to cherish.
I would possibly prefer a Marine/ODST game just for the change of pace, it's been some while since last time someone more vulnerable (against an alien onslaught) one with a bit of kick on him left and I think it would be nice to see again from different perspective.

Battling the flood as more of a regular human being would be especially interesting thing to experience given that brings a new level of horrors of war to the story, a part where a war with little hope would turn into a battle for survival, even for the enemy forces with a chance of temporary mutual temporary truce to combat the greater threat with covenant species. Surely even some of them would put their varying levels of zeal aside at least for the time being to combat the greater enemy. Especially the grunts with their forced part or perhaps jackals and their self-centered nature as space pirates.
Picture this:
Survival horror game
You play a soldier in the UNSC, your base was just attacked by something and you were knocked out during the attack. The Flood have overrun your outpost and you have to find a way out. Using nothing but the supplies you can find and your wit, you have to get out of that outpost before The Flood can hunt you down and turn you into one of them. Information on this infection is vitally important to the UNSC, you can't let them down.

Title idea:

Halo: Gravemind
I know 6 was killed and all that but...I wanna explore that 0.01% chance that he could be alive lol. I miss noble 6
I love the lore. Another game exploring a different part of it would be perfection.
no mentioning of this gem?

Seriously think of it, Saber, Longsword, Sereph, space banshee.
Also customize your weapons, take off the vulcan cannons and replace them with dual spartan lasers. Hows that in a dog fight. Heck you could even give banshees needle missiles or replace plasma cannons with focus beams.
reach 2 would be insane
Actually, I'd love to see Halo go into another genre altogether for a spin-off.

I know it could never work, but a Metroid-vania styled game could possibly ever work well minus the "upgrades" portion of the game. Some games work because the characters use upgrades to access areas previously unreachable in an open-world environment. Chief doesn't play that way, but I'm sure a couple things here and there could alter gameplay elements in a way that would mimic this in a smaller sense.
Okay imagine this, Reach 2, but from the POV of the Covenant Elites on Halo. Show them fighting the losing battle attempting to halt the flood infection, flesh out the Sangheili race more...

Make the Arbiter becoming the Arbiter mean something!
I want a horror/stealth game where a Marine/civilian etc. has to try and escape the flood infected city in 3 or maybe escape the original Halo. I always thought Halo had tons of opportunities to go more Horror.
Extended lore game for sure. It would be a great way to show all the lore 343i has added. My vote would be for a game about a Spartan III operation. The player would be wearing SPI armor, which would add a new mechanic as the player wouldn’t have as much protection as a Spartan with Mjolnir, but they would have invisibility as a default armor ability. And on that idea, you could make a story about a Headhunter who survived an almost 100% casualty rate operation, who now has Mjolnir armor and goes on covert destabilization missions far behind enemy lines.
Wasn't Halo 3 ODST supposed to be the playable marine game?
We should have a Halo game based on the insurrection to be honest.
Human - Forerunner war kinda game
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