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What Weapon Do You Prefer in Warzone FF?

OP Lobotomy Bear

Warzone Firefight offers lots of choices for Spartans to eliminate waves of enemies. What do you prefer to use to bring down your foes?

Remember: it’s not a question as to what you have to use eventually; but what you yourself enjoy using. Share any of your most memorable experiences below! I’d love to read some Warzone FF stories!
Always used Magnum, from the start till the finish :)
The only time i used Reqs (like ghosts, warthogs, wasps), teammates kept shooting me with plasma pistol all the time!
Magnum, then I replace it with br
Magnum with Extended Mags, and then a power weapon or vehicle
The Magnum is the most effective weapon in Halo 5, but I do like using vehicles. Shame they always get shredded by the super precise AI. :(
Halo 2 br
Ground Vehicles please, I prefer infinite ammo and crap tons of health.
I almost entirely use vehicles in Firefight.
I like to play a sniper role, but always get killed by an Elite if I have a sniper rifle, so I decided use the DMR, as it offers close and long range combat.
DMR all the way. It's effective against anything that isn't in a vehicle.
The battle rifle is my go-to when I don't get req power weapons
For firefight vehicles rule the roost
Magnum and the answer combo
Magnum and the answer combo
It's a strong combo, but you still are vulnerable to vehicles
Magnum for sure
COG assault rifle and Sentinel DMR as my loadouts and spartan laser and shotgun as my reqs.
Im gunna have to say magnum then use my reqs for the answer cause nothing beats mowing down enemies using explosive round LMGs.
DMR or Magnum.