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Whats The Bast Halo Spin-off Title?

OP True Alibi

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*Best not Bast
Also: Halo Reach
I loved the idea of playing as the slightly above average UNSC troop in the midst of the HCW, and Buck became a thing, nothing else needs to be said.
Reach <3
Halo wars 2
Halo Reach was the culmination of all the work Bungie had done with a focus on the Covenant and it made for a game that I thought had plenty of content and a few unique or improved experiences that some of the other Halo games haven't matched.
Gets my vote.
I dont think that Reach is a spinoff but yeah its Reach
definitely halo reach. good multiplayer, best armor system, decent campaign, and playable elites. checks off all of my boxes
I love halo reach but I love halo 3 ODST, too
Said it before and I will say it again ODST for the music and the atmosphere it creates.
If ODST had its own multiplayer, custom games, and forge it would be up there, but unfortunately it only has a story, a great one at that, but Reach had more to offer.
Im 50/50 between halo 3 & halo reach
Reach. It was my first and favorite Halo...
Halo Reach was sad & enjoyable

But for atmossphere & all that, Halo 3: ODST has to be my vote, I loved walking around New Mombasa exploring the abandoned streets, & the levels are quite enjoyed
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