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When do you normally play halo

OP Unleashed2121

When do you normally play halo

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I play at noon-night most of the time because of school, Or I'll stay up till 5am on rare occasions.
This depends on my mood and the date. At full moon, my Halo playing habits may be slightly different compared to a random Sunday.
Entirely varies. As I'm on tbe SR152 grind I try to squeeze a game in wherever I can
noon and after noon and sometimes at night
I work rotating shifts so it really just depends on the month.
At the moment I play at PM time like 4/5
I work overnight graveyard shifts so my reversed rhythm has me gaming in the early AM. usually 2-6 in the morning.

Fun times, I play with a lot of Aussies. They're good mates.
I play at noon-night, but more so night as I play during the night longer than I would at noon.
Usually at night.
Usually at night, but on the weekends I occasionally play in the afternoon as well
With trying to hit 152, I honestly play whenever I can. Usually when I get off work in the evenings, but on the weekends (since I'm off), I will literally play most of the day, provided everything around the house is done, and I'll take breaks and what not to break up sitting here all day.
The days I play it's usually sometime between 16 and 20 on weekdays, I'm off sat-sun so I play at completely random times on weekends and mess up my routines completely. Getting up at 5 on Mondays is torture.
Usually at night after work. Sometimes early morning on the weekends.
Whenever I’m able to which is usually on afternoons after school.