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When Is It Okay to Leave a Match?

OP Lobotomy Bear

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A lot of folks hate it when people leave a multiplayer matchmaking game. I realize that folks play games to relieve stress, unwind after school/work and to just chill with their friends. So, what do you guys think about this touchy subject? If you think it’s okay to leave a match, when is it acceptable to you personally?

If you’d like, leave your explanation below—but let’s keep it civil!
Me, I prefer to stick with it until the round is over. Leaving because things aren't going well for your team is cheap and shows that you care more about having good stats than having fun.
I'm entirely against it and feel there should be more severe penalties for it - perhaps negative XP?
I voted never but on the rare occurrence when you have to go you got to go. I was in the middle of a game of online co op with a friend when my father was unwell and had to go right away. Like I said on the rare occurrence of an emergency.
It depends on the mode for me. If it's ranked, I think it's acceptable to leave after someone else already has. In casual if you're plain not having fun I won't blame you for leaving. Personally I tend to just stay in a match unless the people I'm playing with already left and I want to keep playing with them.
I typically only leave if one of my kids wakes up and needs me. Otherwise I try to stick it out through whatever massacre I am being subjected to while hoping the next match is better
I'm not sure exactly what to choose because I'll stick it out even if it's a beat down or everyone else on my team quit and I'm the last one standing. But I have left a game because I was having such a bad game that I thought I was really dragging my team down so I guess that would fall under embarrassment? And if there was an emergency, yes I'd leave for that. So it's kind of a combination of a few of these. But for the most part, I don't leave games
I would never leave a match unless it’s a absolute emergency.
Personally, I don't leave matches, even if im alone, id still like to continue to play for fun.
Dude when nature calls, you gotta go when you gotta go. You shouldn't ever hold that back and or in LMAOOOOOO
I think real life reasons go over finishing a match in a game, otherwise it could be understandable to a degree when there is unbalance in teams & it just turns out into other team constantly dying. Usually caused by uneven number of players when someone losts connection or quits.
Me personally I leave whenever I feel like it, though I have been the only person on my team and not quit several times.
You know, I would choose more than one option:
  • If you are the only one in your team and the enemy team is very good. No point in staying in a game where you will die and die with slim chances of winning or doing anything at all.
  • If the teams are very unbalanced AND if your teammates are either team killing or becoming fresh meat for the enemy.
  • If something important happens outside the game. (An urgent call from work, a family member needs serious medical attention) and more such as those.
I like to play all the way through because its a challenge at that point to stay alive when your team is getting rolled. At that point I go for the best K/D I can get, I rarely ever quit. If you count internet issues then I've probably quit about 10 times this year in total, 2 of them were me thinking I quit in between matches and came back to my game playing without me.
I never leave unless my whole team quit or my xbox turns off...
If you getting spawn camped to no end like your dead before you even realize you spawned
I personally don't quit games unless an absolute emergency arises. I also stay in even when my team quits (ranked and social). However with that being said I can totally understand (especially in social) why many more causal players leave especially when their teammates have already left and they're just being curbstomped left and right.
There has to be something serious going on for me to leave a match, somebody better be bleeding!
I don't really think that it is ever really acceptable to quit unless there is an emergency - and no this doesn't mean suddenly needing to use the restroom as you fall to 1-7 in the match lol. I would give an exception to when your teammates quit out, but that seems to be contradicting my first point since if players all felt they shouldn't quit you wouldn't have that problem to begin with...
Sometimes your whole team kind of skidaddles, and you have nothing else to fight for, and your K/D would be ruined. I mean, most of the time you won't get teamate fill ins, so its best to just dip as well.
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