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Which Faction is the most Annoying to fight?

OP Mr grinch456

Which faction is the most Annoying to fight?

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I personally hate the Prometheans because their always freaking teleporting!!!
It's the prometheons for me too. They teleport and the watchers can catch grenades, shield enemies and revive enemies. I still enjoy fighting them. On legendary their a big challenge to fight. Which makes it more satisfying when your best them.
Promethans are for me. They are so bland and uninteresting to fight. question
promethans are just annoying
Either the Prometheans or the flood. Because the Promeyheans just teleport -- but the flood can also revive themselves with the little ones (which are impossible to hit) and the 'spider ones' can morph.
Prometheans are just a bunch of bullet sponges with ADHD soldiers who teleport everywhere and watchers who cockblock you by putting up shields for them.
Hate the Prometheans... Espcially hate those stupid robot dog crawlers all over the walls.... There is just nothing satisfying about shooting Prometheans cuz they're basically robots that teleport.

I guess I just don't find it fun to shoot stuff that not Organic. Covies, Flood, and Brutes were all great... don't like how we have to fight all these metal things
The Prometheans are p**s easy; just kill all Watchers first and they've already lost. The Flood are worse, they just charge, charge, charge...