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Which game had the best Flood?

OP DeSchoopsBoy

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Which Halo game had the best Flood?

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Whoops it finshed when i added halo 2. Just say Halo 3 in the bottem if your voting for it.... (who put halo 4 in?)
halo 3. (Edit: i just realized you meant flood, not infection. i'm dumb)
Halo 3
Halo 3 had the best flood. A lot of variety with the flood in that game.
I'd say CE, but the only reason for that is the overwhelming experience you got from first encounter. That feeling was never as strong in the following titles, although gravemind was sick af story-wise.
H3, had the most variation.
H3. But Halo Wars and Halo Wars 2 has flying flood, and flood that can infect vehicles. So I’d pick them if they were available.
Halo 3, because they introduced the pure form floods, and not just the infection and combat forms
I voted for CE flood before I read the bottom text... which means my true answer is Halo 3. There's more variety with the pure forms and the way they fall apart when you melee or shoot them in certain parts of the body is a cool mechanic that was done so well in that game. It felt more in line with the fact that the Flood is made up of flimsy, decomposing bodies.
Whoops it finshed when i added halo 2. Just say Halo 3 in the bottem if your voting for it
Halo 3 had the best Flood By Far.
I liked Halo 3’s Flood the best. The pure form was very interesting.
CE flood, the first encounter was intense
Well, it depends on what exactly we're judging. I can't stand to play against Halo: CE flood. I prefer later games when you can more easily disassemble and cope with them. Later games made them feel like the nasty puss sacs they are, as opposed to immortal rocks. Presentation wise, however, hmm... I guess I'd stick with Halo 3.
Halo 3 without a doubt, here you see more variety in the flood forms.
Gotta go with CE.
I personally hated playing against the Flood in H3.
definitely CE buy a long shot
Gotta go with Halo 2... the sound effects, the atmosphere, and overall terrifying appearance of the Flood in that game give it the edge for me. Another huge factor is that we see the Gravemind for the first and only time in the first 3 games.
Best design H2A but better gameplay was halo 3 and when i say design
I enjoyed the flood in halo ce because that was the first Introduction to the flood!
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