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Which Game had the Best Infection Mode?

OP ThatRandomGuy01

Which Infection was your favorite?

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Most Halo titles have an Infection game mode, but they're always different from the last. My favorite is, probably not a popular choice, Halo 4. I like to be passive and sneak around as an infected, and Halo 4's Infection was REALLY fast paced. When the survivors were fending off the aggressive boosting zombies, I would slowly sneak up and snag a few kills. As a survivor, it was a riveting, adrenaline rushing experience. If your aim was good and you watched your back for sneaky zombies like me, you would live long and have a blast.
Same. I think Halo 4's Flood mode was fast paced, more risk thaking and it wasn't that easiy to kill the infected, it was a real thrill. Besides, it made sense to put flood infection as the zombies, it has a lot of connection with the storyline of the franchise.
Remember Reach!