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Which Halo game cliffhanger upset you most???


Which Halo game cliffhanger upset you most???

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Mine is EASILY Halo 5.

. Halo 2 has such a huge story full of universe building that I'm perfectly fine with the cliffhanger ending.
. Halo Wars 2's cliffhanger is honestly horrible, but the story otherwise is pretty good, perfectly replicating the character and feel of the Halo stories from the Bungie era.

Halo 5's cliffhanger rounds off an underwhelming, underdeveloped 'half story' which as everyone knows is just full of so many problems.

So yeah, Halo 5.
Unpopular opinion: I like cliff hangers. They get you all hyped up for the next release. That said, halo 5s was very underwhelming
As bad as the campaign for Halo 5 was I can't believe the left us off with that.
Definitely Halo 5
Halo 2 without a doubt. I remember the feeling of wanting to know and play more. That ending left me craving more content.
Halo 5 purely because it was so poorly made. Halo 2 implied Master Chief was gonna return, but right now in 5 we have no idea what's going to happen.
Halo 5 easily was the worst. Halo 5 is the worst campaign I have ever played behind destiny. The cliffhanger didn't get me hyped at all.
Halo 5, absolute garbage.
In Halo 2 we accomplished a lot. We hunted down and defeated the Heretic leader as the Arbiter and the Prophet of Regret as the Chief. We formed an alliance between the humans and Elites, defeated Tartarus, stopped the activation of Halo, secured the Activation Index and put Delta Halo on standby mode in which the Rings could now only be activated from a specific location, the Ark.

In Halo 5, we watched a team of unfamiliar characters take out a main protagonist in the first level. We learnt that Cortana had turned evil. What else?
Halo 5 feels like half a game narratively, and due to the lack of variety between many of the levels, it felt like half a campaign physically as well.

Halo Wars 2 feels like the start of a story (sequel) narratively. I wouldn't put it anywhere above Halo 5's save for the fact that the writing wasn't nearly as sloppy, but it was still nowhere near enough in terms of quantity (concerning the story). It also pains me that the Flood survived the activation of Installation 04B at the end of Halo 3, as revealed in the "Awakening the Nightmare" DLC. Is Halo Wars 2 trying to tell us that the Halo rings do literally nothing? What's the bloody point of these games then?!

Halo 2 was great. It felt like The Empire Strikes Back, The Two Towers or Dead Man's Chest in the sense that there was plenty accomplished by the end, but it was left open for the last part of the trilogy. Halo Wars 2 is okay. It feels like you make some impact as the player, but you're still left feeling very much incomplete. Halo 5 is a mess. The story was terribly written from start to finish and felt incredibly anticlimactic. You pretty much accomplish nothing at all before Halo 5 abruptly ends.
Halo 5's cliffhanger left me extreamly disappointed. I was hoping for a conversation between the Chief, Halsey, and Arbiter to make up for lost times.
Halo 5, definitely. Felt lost. That being said, Cortana whistling while we see a Halo ring at the Legendary ending was pretty good.
Halo 5 had really nothing going for it and when it finally seemed like something was really happening it ended. Halo 2 has a great campaign and the ending works, Halo Wars 2 was a bit weird ending on a cliffhanger but hey the rest was alright.
Easily halo 5 for me.
Halo 5 by far!
Halo Wars 2 though Halo 5 trails not too far behind.
2...I just wanted to keep playing
Honestly have to say for Halo 5's bad story, the cliffhanger just makes the story even more disgusting

2...I just wanted to keep playing
This, this guy gets it hahah
Honestly have to say for Halo 5's bad story, the cliffhanger just makes the story even more disgusting

2...I just wanted to keep playing
This, this guy gets it hahah
Do what I can ;)