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Which Halo had the best art style?

OP RunWithSpoons

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Unknown wrote:
Definitely Halo Reach.
I somewhat agree I still think halo 2 has a classic and amazing art style but I cant disagree with you.
Halo 3. clean but simple.
Halo Reach!
I loved Halo Reach and Halo 5’s art style. Both were colorful and vibrant. I thought both were very good for the game since they were made by two different companies.
There is clearly no competition with which halo game has the best art work...again Bungie went out with a bang!!!!
Halo 3 warthog launching from disc 2
just kiddin
It's going to be Reach for me. As much as a I love the art styles of the other games (though not so much H5), Reach gave off the best feeling of war. For me, the design of the maps, the characters and the armours really gave off that feeling of a battle going on.
I'm going with Halo 2, closely followed by CE/3. In it's time, really all 3 was perfect, to alot of people. Really though, they still stand up, to this day, as one of the greatest original art styles in gaming. To me, they are the greatest.
It depends for what

UNSC - Reach
Covenant - H4 (some things from H2 like elites)
Flood - H2
Forerunners - 2A
Maps and outer environments - H4
Presentation (UI, cover art, etc) - CE
Hope infinite combines them!
Nothing comes close to the feeling of awe and familiarity when I play Halo 3. No other game in the franchise can rival it.
Halo 2 and Halo 3
HW all the way if no H2A
Most definitely Halo Reach
Reach had the best visuals
I really liked the one from Halo 2 and Halo Reach.
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